SO.. in trying to restore some semblance of sanity in my life I opted to meet my friends  Jeff and Sebastian on their weekly climb up Camels Hump on the Huntington side. . We met at the parking lot of the Burroughs Trail just before 6 AM. It was about 15 degrees with a light dusting of snow. We headed up the trail with headlamps blazing. The trail was well packed, so we didn’t  need snowshoes, we all had crampons. Sebastian and I had poles. . We didn’t actually try to get to the top .. our goal was to go up just over an hour, then back down.. We kept up a good piece for geezer-class walkers.. Enough to break a sweat, but not breathing too hard to talk. in  It was so beautiful.. and so quiet.. well.. actually not that quiet because we talked the whole time. Work topics were off limits, so we stuck to family, mutual friends and our towns.. more than enough for  two hours

The time to turnaorund came so fast.. I couldn’t beleive it had been an hour.. I took a samstone out of my pocket.. and placed it in the snow as a marker of how far we’d come…

I also noticed at that moment that my real camera had fallen out of my pocket and was now under a foot or so of snow somewhere on the trail.. *sigh*..

We turned around and took off down the hill. Going down was faster.. but a little more treacherous. We made the car in just about 50 minutes

I was home and showering b 8:30.. On my first call at 9.. I was relaxed and refreshed unitl about 9:15  At least that first 15 minutes was fabulous.. I had a completely different outlook on my work 🙂

nite all, nite sam