There’s no internet or cellphone for about 50 miles.. so I’ll have to post this later. Maybe I can find internet somewhere in center camps. It’s going to be just impossible to describe  the scene here at burning man . It’s the most amazing, chaotic, wonderful and nasty thing I’ve ever done. I’m typing this in nearly 100 degree weather, caked with alkali dust that;s so think that I look like a ghost.. We all stink mightily for lack of showers.. and I gotta say.. I FEEL GREAT. We got here last night around 7.. I’ll post the pictures when I get on. )  We waited in line for about 45 minutes to get in.. it was really cool seeing all the other burners in line.. lots of interesting style statements… for some reason cross dressing is a big thing this year.. and then… there are always a few  naked pis minions had already set up everything for us. All we needed to do was to pitch people walking around.. I feel like a republican in my khaki shorts and tie die lab coat… We got to camp to find that Duane and his minions had set everything up for us… all we had to do was pitch our tent..  We settled in .. then headed out to check out the scene.. we went out in multiple groups… into the crowd.. there’s somewhere between 40 and 50 thousand folks here.. so it was pretty easy to lose track of folks.. I ended up by myself wandering around until about 3 AM. I saw some amazing stuff.. wild art cars sprouting fire, soap bubbles filled with hydrogen that you could pop with a flame thrower , huge burning sculptures.. giant arcs of light up balloons, and fire… everywhere. Everybody walking or riding a bike covered with the most amazing range of blinking and light up gadget. My wildest blinky thing wouldn’t even get a second look here.. ..

   I think the night is best captured in pictures.. so I’ll fill that in when I post…

   I went home around 3… and went to sleep.. Max must have come in sometime after that.. because he was there when I woke up around 8.   We’ve been sitting around camp ever scince decorating the RV, our bikes and our selves.. We had a great juevos rancheros breakfast a couple of hours back. Imax is off looking for some friends he made on the plane.. I’m going to find my friends Jeff and Michelle from Las Vegas.. I r

   Tonight We’ll probably all cruise around together.. I’m sure it will be fiuun, amazing and exhausting…



 I’ll let you know.. So.. happy burning folks.. u2 Sam.



ps. Just found some internet… but forgot my camera cable.. sorrrrry !

pss.. Hi Diane and Gabe.. I love you guys !…

psss. We’re at Fairlane and 2:10 if anyone is looking for us !

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