Quaquaversal mean  heading out in all directions at once.. and that’s what my family feels like today ..  Gabe’s off in NY on TREK, Max took off for burning man today in Booga the truck. Diane’s at home in vermont and I’m  Lima Peru. I’m here for the start of a mixed work/ vacation and I’m glad to be here. Diane will be joining me later this week. So far i ike the city. it’s huge !> I cna see the pacific from my hotel.. i think.. i can at least. it’s pretty dark now. Hope to explore a little more tomorrow.

Today was mostly a travel day… after a rough sleep, I woke to the realization that Diane and I and the dogs were ‘alone’ in the house. That happens pretty often these days.. but.. it was a different kind of alone.. a kid is at college alone. Not an altogether  bad alone.. just a different one.  Its the kind of lone tha llows one to wander all over the house naked while looking for a towel.. and not fearing you’ll run into kids or his friends kind of alone..

It was pouring this morning and I was thinking about Gabe and his TREK brothers and sisters out camping in the rain. Luckily its supposed to clear up.

One thing that was nice about9 hours of plane ride was the chance to catch up on email and work.. for one sparkling second, my email was completely   empty !

OK.. I’m goign to try and get some southern hemispherical sleep.


nite all, nite sam


Quaquaversal — a funny word.. it means ” directed outwards in all directions from a common center”.. that where we are today.. I’m in Almaden California, max went back to NY, Deb and the kids went to NH.. etc.. it was nice all being together for a few days..

not much to report on my day.. The high point of my day was a very nice dinner with cousins mark, kathy and josh.. and got to play with their dog, JD.. which made me miss my mafily and my dogs a bit more..

The second most high point of my day was coming outside at 7 AM and seeing this staggering variety of moths around our back door.. .. I think you’ll agree. it’s cool !

gotta sleep now.. more tomorrow !
nite all, nite sam !