Today was the end of the night riders competition a bolton. Both Sam and Gabe were up at Bolton every Wednesday night competing.. Just about every hoodie an, pair of goggles and backpack we have in the house they one op there on the mountain. This year, Gabe has been up there on Wednesday nights just for old times sake.. ..

Today was the end of the season.. they tally up the points and give out prizes.. It was a beautiful dy up there.. snowing and not too cold…

it felt like old times.. .. I think I’ve been up there for more than 15 years. ..




after the rail jam, Gabe,Burk and I went in to hang out. but before we got comfy. they called us out for the awards ceremony



Good thing we got out there.. Gave placed 3 for the season in 17 and over.. th.. they celebrated by spraying cgrape soda over each other !




Last award was the Sam Cohn award…. our 8th one.. ¬†Its an ¬†award the coaches give out to the kid with the best mix of style, athletics and spirit.. This year it was Trevor.. an 8th grader at Mills River.. Really nice kid.


Jeremy gave a really nice intro to the award and told a little about sam



Sunday night - Night Riders Sam Cohn AwardSunday night - Night Riders Sam Cohn Award



it was great to be thing of sam up there ..

Here’s a pic of Sam up there some wednesday night long ago !



After that we headed home. I showed gave the new iPhone controlled headband and goggles i made this weekend.. pretty goofy !



OK.. time for bed.. more tomorrow

nite all, nite sam


I’m sitting here waiting for an appointment so I picked up the Mountain Gazette, the local paper for Underhill , Bolton and Jericho. There’s a great piece on the Bolton Night Riders Series. Night Riders is a great night skiing and riding competition up at Bolton Valley. Sam and Gabe both competed there for years. In fact this was the first year that gabe didn’t do it.

The article finished with a nice description of the Sam Cohn Award m an award we sponsor to the kid who seems like they most love being up on that mountain. This year my friend Pete’s son Jonathon won. He sent us the nicest letter . I can tell that the judges made the right choice with him

It was strange picking up a random paper like that and reading about Sam…. He is truly still everywhere




On the way home, I took a short detour to say hi to friend Chris . He’s been working on a new steam punk sculpture.. This one is a woman made entirely out of copper fittings… You have got to see this thing to believe it . Chris is just so talented….!



Ok.. Hats it for now… More tomorrow .
Nite all, nite Sam