Greetings from Uberlingen. We have had a really wonderful day visiting our friend Niklas and his family in this beautiful town. it is been a pleasure getting to meet Niklas  family . His wife and daughter are so very nice.


day  started eraly with a quick good bye to Travis


then a run with Norma.. Mark didt come today


then we all walked up to Niklaus’s up the ‘devils staircase’

Nik gave us a beutifu tour of the town near his house



here is nik and brigitta’s daughter Katrina.. She’s so AWESOME !.. peaks perfect english too !


she taght  us the goofy saying ”

mein lieber Herr Gesangverein


which means ‘Dear mister singing group’.. and its soemthign you say like “OMG !”… not sure exactly why.. but it sounds funny !


then we drove to Affenberg to see the Storks and Apes..




we had a nice lunch there..












we had a nice lunch there


then headed to the poll house museum. by car.. and caught a small bus. the museum was very good.. THey were mostly reconstructions of bronze age pole huts in the lake. Very beutifully done !


theres a place down the river where you can book zepplin rides !

then back to the hotel for soem rest… /


an hour later we went out and walked to the resutarnt.


funny name for a good hotel !

great dinner !


then home for laundry 


through that about 3 hurs of tryign to get through my email list.. gotta learn a better way


ok.. gotta sleep.. more tomorrow


rabbit, rabibit, rabbit !

note all, nite sam



Greetings from uberlingen Germany. My friend Travis, Mark, Norma and Deanna down here visiting our friend Nickolas the weekend.  It’s been a very busy week here in Munich… And we all could use some rest and relaxation. Is very kind of Nicholas to invite us to his hometown. In line we’re all staying in a beautiful little hotel in sight of the Bodensee. We haven’t seen it in daylight but Travis and I just took a walk along the lake … And it looks Beautiful… I’ll send some pictures in the daylight tomorrow. But here’s what it looks like  by night

One funny thing… We came across a whole bunch of people jumping in the lake naked… Too cold for me to do that



OK… Got to get some sleep 

Nite all, nite sam


Many places have festivals to celibrate a particular favorites.. I remember the Rose fest In Tyler Tx  the orrange fest.. , the Tzchilifest in Chapel Hill T,  even the garlic fest in Gilroy, Ca ..   In Vt we have Ramp (a native onion) fest, ..


Munich here even famosly has Octoberfest.. (in Spetember).. but no one ever told me abotu Spargelfest.. it ceibrates these giant white asparguses.. (asparagi ?) that  becoem available about now.. it semems. THey are delicious spears abotu 10 incehes in lenght and 3/4 inch around.. they have the consistancy of a soft carrot… and the tase if… welll.. asparagus.. They out it in everything these weeks,, in soupo, salad, pasta, fish, meat etc.. hard to miss.. if you wanted to miss.. but its so delicious…

it does have the … er….normal side effects of eating asparagus.. but your in such good company , it hardly matters…


lets hear it for asparagus.. i think i’ll have soem for breakfast !!!!


nite all, nite sam



Just back in my hotel at 1 AM after a day that began at 7AM.. jam packed with meetings. talks, calls…planning sessions.. and lots and lots of coffee..   Enjoying myself here in Germany and missing home very much at the same time..

Looking through my email before sleep I saw that IBM just went public with  the work we’re doing with Sesame street. My sister division , Watson Education will be  applying Watson cognitive computing to helping make bert and ernie better teachers.. ..  I love that fact that we’re using a system that learns to help kids learn better.. How cool is that ?

Congrats to the team   for making this  happen !

Nice appearances by my boss Harriet and friend Rob ! Thanks for making this happen !
nite all, note sam