Down in Boston about to get on a plane to Berlin. Spent the afternoon with my mother who’s birthday is today (Brother Billy’s too !)



We had a really nice time.. our plans for taking a walk melted in the 92 degree heat.

Instead we did something nice and cool. we went to a nearby mall and shopped for a replacement sport coat for me. I left my last one in a cab in NYC last week. It’s the fourth i’ve lost in as many years. I feel like peter rabbit

It was fun playing shopper for a while while we soaked in Macy’s luxuriant air conditioning. I found the right coat quickly and managed to get a quick couple of questions to the staff in on their use of technology.


a bit later on we went to our favorite Mexican place.. Aztec in Framingham..

last stop was Wendy’s .. because mom loves their frosty..


Happy birthday ma.. We love you !



Happy birthday too to my amazing baby brother Billy.. rock and roll heart surgean and master invented.. Today I think he’s in Belgium. Happy birthday bro.. wherever you are. Love you !


gotta get on the plane now..

more from Germany

nite all, nite sam


Diane restarted Tuesday night gentle yoga after the summer hiatus tonight. It was so nice to drift back into that dreamy place.. Diane is so great at guiding the classes.. I often can’t tell whether I’m asleep or just blissed out.. Sometimes I get a little spacey as we go through eh slow and purposeful movements.. Tonight I’d swear she said imagine our arms were like sparklers going through mollasses .. huh  ?

can’t get that image out of my mind !

nite all, nite sam


Today i celebrated being married to Diane, the love of my life , for 29 years !. we’ve been together for 33 .. i consider myself so lucky to have diane by my side in this life (and no doubt others :-).. she’s my love, my friend.. and my best colleague.. can’t believe i got all that in one beautiful package :-)


I took the day off.. (mostly :0) We celebrated today as we did the day before our wedding by climbing camels hump.

Hardly anyone there.. up and down in just over 3.5 hours. It was cold, cloudy and windy at the top.


we defended down the alpine trail.. and took the small side path down to the wing of the B24  that crashed here in 1944

One guy survived.. and wa found by a local boycott. .. It was strange looking at that piece of wreckage.. some of the metal still bright after 70 years !

it was a greata hike.. alternating between cold and hot, sun and clouds.. still to gale force winds. a perfect vermont summer day :-)

later in the afternoon.. diane dropped me off at All Souls for the Vermont Maker metope. I was just there for the last hour, but got to see many of my maker friends. The community is still growing and diversifying..


All Souls is such a beautiful setting. Great thanks to my friend John A. for playing host.




Diane picked me up there and we took advantage of the nice day to stroll around the grounds and visit the labyrinth


From there Diane and I went out to our favorite restaurant.. Shush-do.. a counter service Japanese place in a strip mall in williston.. still some of the best sushi i have found outside of NYC, SF or Tokyo\\On the way home we snuck by the Round Church to make it official again .. 29 years ago today !.

i love you Diane.. Will you marry me ?! (oh wait.. you did !)


nite all, nite sam


Big transition today.  We moved Gabe back to UVM ..  It’s been a good summer for him with lots of zigs and zags. He managed to get  summer class in on logic, travel to costa rica, pant the barn and break his foot. this year he’s settling in for some cool classes. Physics, organic chemistry. more math (i think)…  hope its a fun year for him

We headed to Burlington around 9 this morning with Two packed carloads of stuff !.


Babe’s on Redstone campus.. we took  back way there and managed to get sweet parking right in front to dump his stuff. .. 


He’s sharing a room with Tupper again which is great. Tuppers mom and dad were there helping Tup load in.. even with al of us it still took several hours as they arranged and re-arrainged the space . It’s a nice big room. finally they got it just the way they likeed it. 

Last night Gabe, Luke and I made a 5meter strip of bluetooth controlled accent lighting. that was the final touch on the room


Around 2 we all said goodbye and wished him luck .. 



.. and headed back home.. It’s already very quiet around here..   i took a few leaves out of the table since it’ll be just the two of us for a while



that’s kinda nice too :-)

nite all, note sam