Some kids have great works of art that they did as kids, others have framed report cards or sports trophies.. I have confessions of my own wimpiness. My mom recently found the following ‘note to self’ I must have written in prep for a Halloween nearly 50 years ago. it’s reassuring to know that I  was no less bold as a kid as I am now.



Skared as I was (Is that how you spell skared ? or is it scared.. .. ahh.. WordPress says its the 2nd way.. another thing that has not changed

we did manage to get out trick or treating. Since our boys are out in (or out of)  the world .. we had ot borrow some kids We headed over to Marci, Matt , Lily and Finn’s  in Hinesburgh and trick or treated with them


Diane even made a special spooky Shepard’s pie.

Diane and marci went out with Finn whie Matt and i hung out and gave out candy. We took a short visit over to the hinesburgh firehouse for their halloween  party.

We took the scenic root home via texas hill so we could go see the Tower’s lit up pumpkins as we have for nearly 30 years..

some traditions are too good to pass up

Some things you never want to forget..

happy holloween everyone

nite all. nite sam


With the exception of a breakfast meeting downtown and a short run this morning .. I have been sitting in one of two places and working since 9 am.. it’s now 1 AM..

I am a champion sitter..

I sit for a living….

no sit !

nite all, nite sam



Long work day.. (its’ 1:30am .. I started today at 7am) with tow nice breaks. The first is a walk in the woods with Diane and the dogs, and the second was a very cool meeting of REDC which I think is the Richmond Economic Development Council . It was hosted by my friend Ben K at his company Greensea. Greensea makes navigation systems for underwater remote control submarines.. How cool is that ?!?


There were about 20 folks there tonight to talk about what t would take to bring more high tech jobs to Richmond.. We talked about everything from free ski passes to finding them wives and husbands. There were so many wonderful ponts of view there..

What do you think would bring more high tech jobs to Richmond.. or to Chittenden country .. or to Vermont ? How can we recruit more nerds to the area ? Id love to hear your thoughts..

but right now.. I need to go to sleep

nite all nite sam


Quiet day here.. This morning I dropped Max off at his bus at 7AM.. then came back to work the rest of the day Diane is down visiting relatives.. so I have the house to myself. .which is unusual and both nice and lonely. .  I did see a fox running across our neighbors yard mid Monsignor which was really cool !

Since Diane was out tonight, Martha, Ellen and I did self guided yoga and meditation,. then came in and ate a lovely meal that Diane had left for us.. I love that girl ! Here we are being grateful for Diane !



I’ve spent the rest of the evening working away.. though not effectively.. I got less than 4 hours sleep last night.. so I’m pretty loopy.. While I was sitting here, I heard a slight skittering.. and realized that one of our mouse traps (the safe kind) had caught a mouse..

The poor little guy was so nervous. I’m sure he thought that this was it…   I could almost hear his greatful surprise wwhen I let him go way far across the street. He looked back at me like I was nuts and ran off…

maybe I am nuts.. but at least i’m kind

Kind of interested to meditate on that feeling we sometimes have of being trapped by our circumstance.. Something deep in there.. but I cant think o f it just now.. too tired..

nite all. nite sam