It’s the strangest thing one moment I am home and the next moment I am somewhere else

I never intend to be somewhere else but sometimes I just look around me and there I’m not… It’s not that somewhere else is such a bad place it’s just not home.

Somewhere else is the kind of place you go sometimes but not all the times…
I’m finding myself somewhere else almost all the time so much so that sometimes Home even feels like somewhere else…

Except that my girl and my dogs are all at home which makes it like nowhere else

Night all night Sam


Spent most of the day working.. but did get out for a hike with James and a run later in the day

James is an interestign frind of ours.. Lives lone and spends a good deal of time in the foods behind his house. He took us up the hill to show us where he works out.. He keeps fit by using his gym in the woods


he even has rocks that he’s choosen for their specific weights..

we were hikign up there and foudn a samstoen we put there at least a year ago.. maybe 2.


and we put a new on ther in this crack in a rock


its fun seeign soemone elses woods and the stuff in them.. I loved this old junk car we found very far up in the woods.. I wonder what it’s story was ?


then back to james’s.. he has soem interesting stuff.. his yard is liek a museum !


came home to find this daffodil growing up through a hole in a stone.. amazing.. no ?

ok.. time for bed.. more later

nite all. nite sam



fun and busy day.. first a nice hike up catamount with the girls.. THe bud covres were off which means that ‘sproing day’.. the day the elacves emerge cant be more than a few weeks off !.


got  a little recreation code and hardware done today in prep for some upcoming trips.. These animated eyes are going into soemthign fun . they’re to Oled displays running on a raspberry pi zero w. .. I love the combo. they are very fun to watch  


at 4:30 we got to Burlington for the march for science. Despite the rain and mid 40’s weather..   i was one of the 4 speakers.. and hadn’t known what to expect. the place was absolutely packed.. at least 500 people..


it was great seeing the crowd. Many old friends.


there was a great band/dance trouoop playing psuedo klezmer brass mucis.. good festive sound. 

check out the great signs. !


thsi girls cancer was cured by sceince !


this was one of my favorites !



at soem point we started walking the mile from UVM down  to the lake.. 


there was even a sign along.


tom and laura and family !

bill nigh !!!! cardboard cutout at least !


our talks were down by the waterfront.. first was Margarite Diblble.. a friend who designs games,.. she talked about the need to take risks and about the importance of empowering girls and women in science.   Then Dr. Chen, the state health guy, who talked abotu the great public health risk fo the administrations new stance on science.    and James an environmentalist.  talked passionately about the importance of science research to sustainability.. . then  me..  like always, i was really nervous to speak.. I talked about he importance of dialog and the importance of sharing our passion for science with everyone we could.. especially kids !. e each had a different perspective..   I think it worked pretty well !



fritz and betsy were in the crowd.


we spent the whole event with our good freind att.. ehre i he is in front of echo and the ‘LakeBrite’ sculpture he and eric built inside 


after the march,

we dropped in to dedaluses for a glass of wine.. then went and checked out Alternator, teh shope that Matt and Eric run. I hadnt been there in a long while. it’s coem so far !

ok.. I’m falling aslweep on my feet !>. GOtta get soem rest.

more tomorrow

happy earth day everyone !

note all, nite sam



I’ve been asked to speak at a rally tomorrow for the ‘March for Science‘..  here in Burlington. It’s a satellite event for a nationwide march. I’m probably the most apolitical person I know..    I believe science should be apolitical too.     I guess the problem is that people cant agree that science  is apolitical.. which makes it political..

Science is all about being open minded.. and   I see the current discussion in this country.. in the world actually.. is becoming less open minded. We want to blame it on our current politicians.. but I think the politicians we’re choosing. are a symptom.of a deeper problem of communications.

Science needs to be objective.. science needs to be open and free.. I’m trying to think ut what I can say tomorrow to support the free and objective communication of science..

suggestions welcome !

nite all, nite sam