Quiet day catching up with work around the house. Diane worked on the new garden. I fixed the fountain, weed whacked, got the pool started and set up the trampoline.. It’s funny to think that I’m setting up the tramp for me.. I take  many meetings while bouncing on the thing

around 5 we headed in to town to meet gabe at a party for two of his roomates, Henry and Ian who are graduating. All of Gabes roomated were seniors this year.. Gabe was the only Junior. .. UVM graduation was today.. there were so any happy people buzzing around Burlington .

The party was really nice.. a bunch of folks in,a keg of good beer and an exotic food truck (zucchini tacos, coconut pudding and fried buttermilk donuts . Yum !

here are all the grads..


gabe and Raya

came home and met up with our freinds bob and herb.. caught up with them which was really nice..

now time for sleep.  more tomorrow  from first day of vacation !

nite all. nite sam



It always takes me a couple of days to relax into vacation.. got a good start today. We went for a rtoad run.. then picked up the dogs for a rivershore run. We spent most of the day outside. Diane’s on a new garden.. I fixed the lawn mower and cut the grass.. not my favorite job,.. but  a pleasure with a newly sharpened blade.

My friend Scott came over around 2…so I took a break for science . Scott had seen a process for using (almost) houshold chemicals to make metalic Sodium on https://www.youtube.com/user/NurdRage

We had to try it. It’s 30g of Magnesium dust (or turnings..) and 40g of Sodium Hydroxide (aka Lye) . You stick it in a soup can with soem fude.. and but a brick on tip to keep most of the air out. light it and step back. THe replacement recation yeilds Magnesium Oxide (MgO) mixed with metallic sodium (Na) and Hydrogen (H2) .. which burns off. You scrape the MgO +Na mix out and toss it into water and it catches fire !

Ok.. so the shop needs a little cleaning :-)


around 4:30 we headed into Burlington to meet up with gabe. We were lucky enough to get a chance to meet our good friends

Kevin and Betsy.. who were in town with the son dan, his GF and Kevins brother for Kevin an Betsy ‘s dauighter Meghan’s graduation !  It’s ways so good to see these guys !



30 min later we met up with gabe, his roommate Sean and Sean’s extended family to celebrate Sean’s graduation.Sean’s an awesome guy..

and his family is awesome too.. really. really. reallllllly nice people.. ants, uncles, moms, step dads. dads. brothers.. greandparents. all of them ao  nice !!


always great seeing gabe and raya !


from there we went and picked up our friend ellen. We got to see her daughter Juba and her new puppy Daisy (I had a dog named daiy qhen I was a kid.. such a sweet girl !)


We headed to Arts Riot to see Arc Iris. a Rhode Island performance art / prog rock band. They aere touring a show doing all trhe songs from Joni Mitchell’s Blue album. Such an amazing show.. Great first act to Iva May.. Local singer songwriter.



fantastic show. Ran into my friends Ken.. and Ryan there. .

Always great seeign Ryan.. he dropped into philospher mode to help me plan my life..

we came up with a plan.. here’s a pic to commemorate the moment . 

ok. tiem for bed now.. More tomorrow


nite all. nite sam


nice day.. busy at work.. took a short break to go to teh doctor.. I got antibiotics as precaution from the tick bite I got last week..

this evening diane and I  and the dogs took an early evening hike up lbbys lookout.. then when out for sushi.. We finally ended up at my friend Nick’s birthday.. really nice..

there we we ended up talking about the game ‘six degrees of kevin bacon.. that came up because yesterday I was flipping through the movies on  the plane when I came across the trailer of the movie “Hello, My name is Doris” .   I watched enough of it to find the scene where my friend Leilani shoots an obscene gesture at Sally Fields..

Lelani and I were on the Colony together.   I shared the picture with all my friends from the  Colony. Johnny V shot back that this movie appearance makes  us all part of the Six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

As Johnny V says

Side note. Lily is our link if we ever play “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”. In the game you try to link anyone that has done movies or television to the actor Kevin Bacon by means of who they have worked with in the past.

So here it goes….

We all have worked with Lily on The Colony. She has worked with Sally Field on “My Name is Doris”. Sally Field has worked with Tom Hanks on a little movie by the name of “Forest Gump”. Tom Hanks was in “Apollo 13” which he played opposite of you know who….Kevin Bacon.

THat lead me to search and I found this great site


It’s so much fun.. you cN choose wehter you want to consider movies, Tv, even video games.. YOu can also include actors, directors adn producers. Here are a few ‘ego searches’ usng the tool !..


if you allow actors, producers and directors for movies and tv.. here’s the closest I found 

if you only allow actors



what connection does the Dali Lama have to Kevin Bacon ? 


what about between me and his Holliness ? 

what a great way to waste a half hour !


nite all, nite  sam


Greetings from Dulles airport… i had boarded my flight back to Burlington… But then they made us get off because of weather down here. Looks like we might still make it out here after all just a couple of hours late. Got my fingers crossed. Here’s what it looks like outside

It was fun walking to the airport . I ran into two different friends. My friend Doug from Burlington and my friend Theresa from Ohio of all places. Was great catching up with her

Hey it looks like we’re going to board… :-)

Oh before I do. I heard from my friend George that burning man is going to help support our project for showing cosmic rays out on the desert. If you’re interested, please take a look at this link . It will let you take a look at what Georges building… And if you choose you can help support it in a text adoptable way.

It’s all about art meets science !

OK looks like we’re boarding…
Nite all, nite sam