We're in endicott ny for a short trip on the shortest day visiting Diane's mom, her brother and family and freinds.. I decided not to bring my laptop in the spirit of 'unplugging' which makes it a little harder to blog.. But it does make it much easier to goof off.

The day was pretty queit given that we spent about 7 of it driving. We had maxs dog IO in the car which proved to be easier than expected.. She was so great


We got to endicott around 3 and had a nice family gathering to do the christmas thing.. We exchanged gifts then had the traditional dinner from Phils chicken house. With romas pizza .. Its been soemthing ive been doing for 32 years.. Theres gerat comfort there

Afterwards we wnet over to see linda. Dave and andrea.. Which was really nice.. Always so good seeing them.. Max brought his rope dart and gave us a short fire show.. Thats always spectacular and apprciated.. And a great way to summon the light back

Lets all welcome the lengthening days.. Happy solstice everyoen.. Blessed be

Nite all, nite sam





Just back from Chris and Kim’s amazing Celsius Burn.. it was their first Solstice burn that was not in their back yard. This one was in an old gravel quarry on the notch road.. a perfect site  for a burn.. flat, and sheltered from the wind. It was a dutiful night. .amazing stars, hardly any wind.. a little cold (15 degrees).. but calm enough to be comfortable. I was outside for 8 hours.. Max was there all day as were chris and many other volunteers.


Max and I helped our freind Sean put up his crazzy reflective valentine.. A really nice and simple piece.

Fire spinning began around 5..

the band red ht juba started around 5 as well. they were great !

Max was one of the performers.. her did rope dart and staff.. he ws really excellent !!!!it was great to be able to see him perform with a troop

Chris and freinds hhad assembled a big geodesic dome with a space heater inside.. it was a great place to wamr up and meet people.. like this guy .. we agreed that we looked  like we could have been related. a

Homer was doign a crazy thing with fire  sawdust and forced air.. lots of big sparks.

Yikes !!!!

Fire swan ?

Tushar brought his amazing fire sand table.. gonna make one of these !.. you draw in the sand and the lines fill up with blue fire. How cool is that ?

Then out came the hoop troop including our freind Ivy…

then more fire spinning.. max is the second from the left in the picture.. he di so great. I was so proud of him !

THen shhane blew fire and lit the man.. his head lit right up.. the rest of him took a few times to burn.

but burn he did !!!!

then even more fire dancers.. this guy had a flaming stag helment !

later on there was a second burn .. a pair of dice.

I had my rubens tube hooked to the sound system. Poeple seemed to like it !

here’s ssean heart infinity mirror..

it was such a great event. kudos to Chris and kim for their energy and vision pullign this off. The next one will be the summer solstice.. which will likely be 2-3 days with camping.. should be amazing

ok.. gotta get up early.. so I’m signing off..

nite all. nite sam


Just back from picking up Max in NyC… 8 hours in the car with two dogs.. Glad to be home :-)

. Quick down and back. Made work use of the trip by dropping by Reddit to do an Ask Me Anything (AMA) . The whole process was fun and pretty painless.. No trolls !.. Better yet i got to hang out with my good freinds from the IBM Ogilvy team..l and victoria from reddit.



It was amazing to see how many folks were out there in the ether who wanted to talk in the middle of friday afternoon…

Now.. Im officially on holiday…. And man, im so ready for it.

More tomorrow

-nite all, nite sam




Tonight we showcased the light project we’ve been working on at Echo. It’s the brainchild of Travis C. the IT guy at Echo.  He conceived the project and drove the whole thing. I’m so impressed. We ‘unveiled’ it on WCAX tonight. I’m wondering if anyone recorded it.. because I’d love to see it

10,000 LED’s 1,000 watts.. and infinite possibility !


We had a little team celebration after the launch. Nick brought champagne !  My hats off to Travis, Nick and Sean for doing most of the heavy lifting on this very ambitious project !


Afterwards, a quick trip to Generator for their meetup on wearables .. lots of fun folks there !


Now.. off to bed. I’m doing a Reddit AMA (Ask-me-anything) tomorrow at 12:30. Check it out at http://www.reddit.com


gotta sleep..

nte all, nite sam