our freind Bob just gave us three old books that used to be part of the Jonesville Free Library.. that was once in our house. I think it was where our shoes are kept. .. from what I can figure out.. the libaray was here when the place was a school.. whcih meant up to 1955.. I notice that the fee is 10 cents per week.. so.. three books, 61 years..  thats about $951.60 cents inlate fees….

who would i pay them to ? .. myself of course !.. always good to be your own librarian !

nite all, nite sam !



I got to use this picture in a presentation at work today


it’s from the first page of The Little Prince .by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. one of my favorite childrens books. ..

just using that picture made me happy..

nite all, nite sam


Got back this afternoon from a great 24 hour adventure.. 7 of my freinds and i got in kayaks yesterday afternoon in Saint Albans and paddled about 6 miles out to Woods island. on the way out we hit quite a wind storm.. three of us got capsized.. whcih was pretty exciting..


it was the 5th annual reinactment of the trip to Hogisland !.. (O hogiland.. we are your people … “.. they sang the made up anthem as we pulled off of shore this am)

newt came in his model T


about to launch !


you can see the swells


acouple of folks in the water !


madeit to woods island !


interesting footing !


theres an eagle on the tree in the middle near the top !


at last our campsite.. with jsut enough time to gather wood !


Cohini  cutting soem sort of meat !


the privy at 5:30 AM when I was out on my run


giant sider tryign to get to our eggs !



still life ith bannanbread


i found a cicada !\\got a samstone there !


Sean and I had to come back today while the others went on for two more days.. it was an easyier ride back.. no waves !


nice to be on dry land !

-nite all, nite sam !


  • Greetings from the middle of Lake Champlain. Despite a ton of work I toil a long planned vacation today with seven of my  Friends to Woods island just off the coast of Saint Albans Vermont. We kayaked about four hours to get here. It Was pretty amazing… It was a stiff wind and really high waves. I think three out of our group capsized and we had to go to shire to get them back in their boats.

We got the island about 8 o’clock with just enough sunlight to collect wood for a fire and set up our tents. We cooked and drank till it started raining again and we all headed for our cats. It’s almost midnight and I’m listening to a light rain on my tent it’s a great night for sleeping out.

More tomorrow from the lake

Night all night Sam

– me