all day meetings for work. Around 5:30 I went out to finish my swamp cooler for burning man. it’s looking very cool !


inside it has a 12 v pump that circulaes water over an evaporative cooling matt. high power 12v fan puls air across the matt therough holes in the side.. . A combination of tubes and couplers will deliver it the tent.

the whole thing runs on a deep cycle lead acid cell charged by a 50 watt solar array.. . It all folds down and fits inside itself for travel…

hope it keeps us cool !



here’s a cool guy !


nite all, note sam


Day started erly with meetings.. but managed to take off in the afternoon to meet up with  new old friends.  We know  Kim and Kathy  from more than 10 years ago… but have recently reconnected. Kim is the Dean of Undergraduate Research at MIT and the founder of the Edgerton Lab.  He rund DLAB which sends students to countries in need to teach making skills to solve local problems with local skills. I want to get more involved with that . 


Kathy is a multitalented educator who currently works in communicating about the public health implications of Climate change.. They live in Lexington Ma.. nd also have a house in Rochester Vermont about an hour south east of us. Kim and Kathy are up for a couke of weeks so we drove down to take a hike and catch up. 


we hiked Rochester Moutnain.. whcih was a short sweet hike to the top with views tot eh East over New Hampshire. 


the trails were wet from last nights rain..s o the frogs and toads were happy !



there were memorials to several young guys a the top..   with signs of memorial gatherings. 



we added sam to the party 


the views ot the east were really nice.. 


we then walked  back down for Pie at their sweet house.


Kathy showed us the amazing DNA/RNA/Protein synthesis teaching kits that she and Kim hd developed. they  started with Lego.. now they use custom injection molding and wonderful instructional material that Kathy develped.. We went through  DNA replication, tRNA synthesis and protien synthesis.. theis is a truly wonderful way of learnign how life really works !


here are the base pairs grouped into codons, 


then tRNA synthesis 


then protien sytheesisi in the ribosomes 


here are the amino acids.. 

it was so inspiring to talk to them 

great day !


jus after we got home , I got a text from our good freind Tammy asking if we were home … she, her husband Gary and two reallynice freinds from NC were in our driveway.. so we got to hang out with them ..


it was great seeing this many friends on a work day !  

ok.. time for sleep. more tomorrow.

nite all, nite sam



Today would have been my Dad’s 87th birthday.. I spent the day thinking about him.. I can still hear his voice in my head.. 

I miss his advice and goofy folky wisdom.

I love you Pa

nite all, nite sam


Wonderful to work at home today.. perfect summer weather.. fund to walk aroudn and check out what wonders diane has coaxed from the earth.. 

including this guy !


late afternoon I headed to gnerator for a members meeting. a rare treat for me to be in town for one. I ran in to my good friend Jon.. Check out his shirt.. !   he didn’t even knwo I was ging to be there tonight.. > He made one for shirt me to (it says ‘i’m not Jon Bondi’).   and he’s been tryign to surprise me with it for a good 2 months.. I just haven’t been in one place long enough to meet up..

he’s such an amazing person.. !. and we do sorta look alike ! people are always confusing us for one another !


the meeting was great.. lots of good ideas floatign around. it felt good to be with these creative folks.. 

lots of cool new tools appearing. Kyle told us that the CNC plasma cutter is up and ready fpr use !.. and we discussed gettign a forge for metal casting !


even outsdide there were signs of brilliance.. like Steve’s car 


or Jakes spirograph (with doug thrown in to show scale) 

and Lucy’s cray science bus !

such a great grpup of creative folks !


ok.. tiem for sleep.. more tomorrow

nite all, nite sam