Hello again from Seoul. A good working day here.. I noted that today would have been my parents 58th (or is it 59th) wedding anniversary.. wow..  It’s my Mom’s 2nd anniversary since Dad died.. I know those days can be hard..


Ma’s doing pretty well these days.. she just sent us this pic from her 60th College reunion at Smith.. How many folks can wear their 60 year old Gym outfit to their reunions.. and make it look this good ?!?!



the rest of today was an inside blur…. looking outside at the pretty, hot and hazy Seoul skyline


Huh ?


Nice working meal tonight with good friends ..



now some much needed sleep !>.

more tomorrow !

nite all, nite sam


Greattings from Seoul.. a city thats really growing on me.. It’s ahead of its time in so many ways .. including biing 14 hours ahead of home. i’m barely conscious with Jet lag.. but want to give a shoutout to all the people back in the past..

it’s an amazingly ordered and disciplined place.. the following exodus from the airport train was done almost silently !


i’m traveling with my friends Sky and Dinakaran… we shared a cab to the hotel through the glowing early evening light 


we had just enough time before our meeting for some BimBomBop.. .. mine was squid.. and it was really tasty

now.. i just gotta close my eyes..

just forva second…  (oops.. really did fall asleep !)

nite all, nite sam


ps.. here the importance of play vid I posted earlir.. looking for feedback !



At long last I’m able to post a video some good friends of mine helped me make. The topic is Innovation through Play.. Please take a look and let me know what you think !

(And huge thanks to my friends for all the work they put in to this !)

OK.. getting o a plane.. more tomorrow


nite all, nite sam


Really nice day at home for the first time in way too long. Spent most of it helping Max fine tune a project for a friend. Took some good collective sleuth work.. but now things look good. at one point today I found that I had sole flux and a capacitor in close range.. 88 gigawatts ?!? what was I thinking ?@



ended the day with nice dinner with friends tonight.. needed the time off to unwind.. Great seeing them all !

ok.. only 4 hours to sleep.. so signing off

nite all, nite sam