Greetings from beautiful Munich where it’s full on spring… I got here this morning took a quick nap and then walked over to the I like tower. As I did I saw buds on the trees for city in bloom crocuses it was like Vermont in about a month. The air was about 50° it couldn’t of been

OK I have an early morning run… So I’m going to sleep… More tomorrow
Nite all, nite sam
– Me

I had a great 2 day mini vacation at home . (Easy)

Hmmmm … Thinking about what that means that a stay at home qualifies as a ‘vacation’ (hard)

Diane and I spent the morning aligning the next two months of calendar (hard) then snowshoe-ed up the catamount trail in the beautiful sun and snow with the dogs (easy:-)

Ran into my friend David in the airport which is always fun (easy)

Now waiting on the runway due to a delay.. will likely miss my flight in DC (hard)

These easy-Hard contrasts are what makes life always so interesting .. no ?

Night all, Night sam

Wonderful, quiet day.. jDIane was at a wedding shower today so it was just me and the dogs.. .. The

dogs finally woke me around 9AM because they were hungry.. .. I’d slept for 10 hours !..

I spent the morning doing chores aroudn the house. fixed a wondow,  dug a path through last nights snow to the barn.. did laundry. brought in wood.. Didn’t speak to a soul.. it was lovely

Diane had left me some yummy enchiladas from early in the week.. this note was on them..

I know she meant the enchaladas.. but I still took it as a compliment :-)


Dianes home now.. we have ice cream to eat.. so more tomorrow

nite all, nite sam



Yesterday on my way home from Interconnect  I wished for 24 hours without meeting a new person …   I basically got my wish !

I flew in to BTV about 9:15 this morning.. Diane picked me up at the airport.. drove me home.. then headed out of town. I spent the day alone in the house with the dogs, the snow and a bunch of catch up work .. it was so nice just sitting here  watching the snow coming down. The  only time i left the house was to take the girls out for a run in the snow and slush


The funny thing is .. i remember exactly a day like this last year right after interconnect 2016 . Then like now, I flew in as diane was heading out.. then too it was snowing..  then too I sat inside woith he dogs by the fire for the whole day


what a cool thing when to points in time are so similar but seperated by so much time..


then too i was by myself in this big quite house.. .. then too I missed diane

i’m thinking of going to sleep at its only 8pm :-)

nite all. nite sam