TOday was memorial day.. which came as kind of a surprise to me. I’m so busy at work, i didn’t realize that today was a vacation until Saturday. It was a welcome surprise.. Memorial day is very intertwined with Sam’s birthday in my head.. so I think of it as a memorial to him soemtimes. I took soem time also to think of the real reason for the day.. all the folks  who died in service …


The long weekend was a welcome break. I have several talks coming up and needed the time to prep.. but I alo made time to goof off a bit. I futzed aroudn with an e-ink open source badge and managed to figure out how to write to it.


later in the day diane , deb and I headed up to see tim at the lake.



tons of mayflies.. can you see them ?


ok.. end of a nice long weekend. Sams birthday was OK.. always wonder how i’ll feel

nite all, nite sam



I’m a very happy guy…want to know why ? .. Its’ becauseweather is still such an inexact science….Today was predicted to be hotter even than yesterday with highs in the low nineties with high humidity. I slept fitlfully thinking of another hot day.. woke at 5:30 am in a grumpy mood thinking of having to work in muggy heat all day on several big projects. . .. that May sound funny for someone raised in texas.. but consider that nothing up here int he north country is airconditioned. It never has to go over60 degrees for me.. anything over 75 and my IQ starts decreasing..

…it was not until we went for a run at 7:30 that I realized that it was kind of cool,breezy and dry.. I kept waitingfor the swampy feel to come.. but it nexer did. Now it’s in the 60’s and roainy and I’m  ressiting the urge to put on a longsleeve shirt.

TOmorrow issupposed to beas hot as yesterday.. but I’m goign to bed with a glimmer of hope that we just don’t know what we’re talking about :-)

stay cool !


nite all, nite sam




Today you would have turned 24 years all.   That phrase ‘would have’ always sticks in my throat.. al the would haves, could haves, should haves..  You are still so present in our lives. We love you deeply.. you could feel that love today in all your freinds who showed up to get together and toast your birthday

a small group of us braved the 90 degree heat and climbed Bolotn like we do every year on your birthday 


the guys managed to climb into a hanging chairlift


gabe and I climbed up the fire tower and did a tribute mortor round for Sam 


then down to the group again


on the way down I picked up the giant heart rock we’d found on the way up


it was 91 degrees when we got down.. a new record for this time of the year i think


soon after we got home folks started trickling in for the pot luck We had a nice sized group and a nice cross secion of people.


we did a red bull toast like always !


and  ate a ton of food .. igor was great with the grill !

it was still 86 degrees at 7PM !


thank goodness we got the pool workign this morning


last folks left around 10.. so it had been like a 7 hour party :-) // lots of love.. good times nice memories.. 


ok.. time to go to sleep..

happy birthday my son.. We love you so much !


ntite all, nite sam


long hardday..andhot too.. 91 degrees at 6pm!..

one highpoint was a visit to frind Bob’s ‘brain hacking’ eventat hotel VT. diane and I slid in ner the end and saw all the equipment that Bob and his freind Kyle had brought witht hem Very impressive.  Here we see our freind herb hooked up to an EEG thats being used to drive a video gamee.. cute !


ultimately Bob is looking for help to create neruostimulations machines..


interested in helping ? If so.. lplease let one of us know


nite all. nite sam