Just back home after a particularly long commute home from Germany. 

As promised.. here are a few pictures from the last 24 hours that I was too sleepy to post when I got home at 2AM.

A couple of us took our freind Lisa out for dinner last night to her favorite restruant. Little London.  It was a very nice time. 


I had a couple of work calls.. but about 11 I met up with Gaya and Enzo  at a Sisha joint in Sindlinger Tor.. 


then..arond midnight  THilak texted us that he was right aroufnd the corner at an Irish place
with a bunch of our freinds.. Our Frind Katharina is takign a new job.. 


went home.. got about 4 hurs sleep .. then hopped on a plane..  Coming home to beutiful mid winter snowscape.. even though it’s almost spring !


this picnic table gives you a sense of how deep it is. 


it’s goign to be cold and windy this weekend which is nice because the snow will last . We’re goign to get out in it tomorrow !

now I just  gotta sleep !

nite all. nite sam


Just getting back to my room after a fun night out with various groups of friends. It’s 230 in the morning so I will write about it and share pictures tomorrow… I only got a couple hours to sleep……


Talk to you all tomorrow !


nite all, nite sam



I did something new today that I can’t say I’ve ever done. I managed to have salad for every meal today. I have leftover Caesar salad for breakfast… I had another ceaser salad for lunch… And I had a Caesar salad for dinner…  

I didn’t really set out to do it… It just kind of happened


It was a good way to celebrate “pi Day”… That is March 14 or 3.14

I wore my pi socks just to celebrate


OK time to sleep… Hope you had a good pi day  too


here’s the view from my office window this afternoon… Just felt like sharing it

Nite all, nite sam














super busy day here in munich.. so much going on.. so many late nights,  so many people visiting, so many  deadlines.. my head is spinning….  at least it was until something funny and amazing happened. 

just an hour ago I was sitting in the dull hotel bar/restaurant next door  with my friend Alecio who’s here visiting from Brazil.. we had just sat down to talk around 11pm.. we were starting to  talk  about our pasts.. I was trying to listen to him..  as hard  as I listened.. all I could hear was the noise in my own head.. all those thoughts swirling around.. 

then ….. all of a sudden….

there was this huge bang.. . an explosion really….   a tempered glass door near us spontaneously cracked into a million pieces.. no one was anywhere near it… 

everyone jumped.. the place got very quite…. 

then I realized the noise in my head had completely stopped.. so had all the racing thoughts..

I was quiet  and calm.. and got to listen to my friend’s very interesting story of travel. family and reinvention 

we enjoyed our meal and our conversation whiel the managment tried to figure out what the hell had happened to the door..

I knew what had happened, but I just didn’t  feel like explaining it to anyone 🙂

nite all, nite sam