I almost forgot to blog last night


Nite all,nite Sam


I was so happy… I got to go out on a school night tonight. I had a ton of work but managed to break free so that Diane, Jen, Tim and Debra and I went down to Contois auditorium to see Natalie Jeremijenko speak. The generator sponsored it as the first of our “big makers” series. I was really proud to be part of the generator board when I looked and saw how packed the room was. It is completely sold out.

The talk itself was interesting… Natalie covered so many topics in her talk that my brain got full. There are some really cool ideas in there like growing plants on the side buildings or building floating light up fish detectors… Or zip lines with strap on wings or instrumented rhinoceros Beatles

Afterwards Jen Tim and I Dianne and I went to the whiskey room… I really Felt like I was playing hooky… It was fun hanging out on a weekday with friends and family… Time for bed

Night all, night sam







Ive been teaming all week… (Actually.. I think insects are seen teaming.. What do humans do ?) . Workign with groups of folks coming together around soem interesting ideas.. Ive had to split my time and attention.. But ive gotten much out of the meetings. It reminds me that id rather help get people moving around an idea.. .. Even someone elses idea.. Than have people agree that my idea is the right one.. Does that make me

A) under ambitious

B) stupid

C) enlightened.

D) all of the above

E) none of the above


Nite all, nite sam




Yow.. am i busy !.. in RTP trying to attend two all day meetings simultaneously.. I wish I wee one of tho flatworms that you can cut in half and they duplicate..  the meetings themselves are very interesting and fun in a geeky way.. glad I’m here ..

one really fun thing i got to do today was to speak with about 100 new hires here on the site.. then do a panel with my good friend Bala.. both he and i were supposed to be there giving advise to o all the young talent here.. what we realize d afterwards is that we were also really talking to ourselves and each other.. nothing  reminds your why you like what you do like telling others about it.. Bala and I had a great mutual mentoring discussion afterwards…. it’s nice to realize we all are dealign with the same stuff…


afterwards .. i had dinner with one of the groups.. and then met the other for a fireside chat..

my brain sure is full !



heres me learning the difference between bindi and bindhi !

nite all, nite sam