Great piece of irony here. trying to let it soak in . I’ve got two events coming up in the next couple of weeks all about the topic of “Play”. it’s a subject I think of often because I think playing  is a huge part of our creative lives. Most of the good stuff I’ve done in my life has come from bringing more play into my life

The irony is… I’m working my tail off  looking for ways  to illustrate what I mean by play. I’ve spent this entire weekend working on some playful experiments.. and .. as is often the case.. I’m stressing out about it…

stressing about play..  how funny.. how typical..


here i am  lasering out a stencil for a playful explosion.. I’ll share it when we film it

nite all, nite sam



Avast! That’s starboard, today be international talk like a pirate day. I hope ye spent the day as I have shiverin’ yer’ timbers an’ yo-ho-hoin’ . I’m not sure exactly what caused it.. but writin’ software an’ talkin’ like a pirate are two inseparable traditin’s.   I just did a bit o’ research an’ learned that ITLAPD be 19 years old.. what a fine traditin’.

Yarrr! There’s still time t’ honor it ! Start talkin’ like a pirate this minute !



nite all, nite sam



my head is spinning right now because of how hard I’m working.. I’m not saying I’m being efficient.. but my brain is full.. and I must be working close to 15 hour days.. I’m not really complaining because I’m liking ( most of )  what I’m doing now.. even though it’s too much to ever get done.. no rest of rhte wicked as they say

It was from that pace that I dropped into 2 hours of exactly the opposite tonight when I went to my friend Betsy’s  very nice retirement party..   She’d gathered a really nice small  group of friends at the Bearded Frog in Shelburne We sat and ate and drank ad talked about the crazy times we’d all had at work for the last 30 years or so..


Most of the talk was actually about what she and her husband Michael are planning to do now.. Lots of talks of travel, boats, convertibles visits to kids, grand kids, beaches, museums…

It was nice  to hear about all that fun and leisure..   I tried to imagine myself doing that stuff…    why not ? .. it sounds really fun

but at the same time, it so hard to imaging slowing down..


well.. I wish betsy and michael all the best.. they are clearly happy !.. All the best you guys ! and congratulations ..!





So busy now.. it’s 12L15 AM and I’m just finishing up my work day..  tired byt happy..

Max is in town and it’s wonderful to see him. Haven’t really spoken with him much since his trip out to burning man. He told us about 3 hours of storied=s about his epic trip out west, the burn and the trip back..   Just getting there  in their 5 ton 6 wheel surplus troop carrier was a novel in itself.. it included

  • the alternator frying a few hours into the trip
  • a new bout not perfect alternator jury rigged in with a hand made mount
  • driving with an average top speed of 55 mph
  • the engine burning out in Wyoming
  • getting help from the ‘Steel Soldiers’ online forum to find a new engine many hours away in utah
  • arraigning to get that engine to Wyoming and fitted in to the trukck
  • meanwhile renting a Ryder truck to take max, most of the crew and their belongings to black rock Nevada
  • the compressor failing between Utah and Wyoming (all the breaks and controls on this thing are air powered.. ) they did rolling stops for the last full day of driving.. no real breaks
  • the truck finally making i to black rock on Thursday night and running out of diesel 100 yards form the entrance
  • maxi running around at night trying to find diesel. ultimately siphoning it by mouth from a friends truck..
  • running out to the truck just before it got toed, filling it with fuel, but taking an hour to bleed the now air filled fuel lines
  • getting it started,.. but having no compressor to release the 6 wheels disk breaks
  • max coming up with the brilliant idea to use the air in the spare tire to pressure the brake controls .. which released the brakes,
  • by that time the folks had changed at the gate, and wouldn’t let them back in.. though they finally persuaded the to..
  • between the gate and the camp, the thing overheated again because the brakes had reengaged and it was fighting them,
  • re-pressurizing them with the tires, getting to camp and sleeping for a whole day
  • getting just enough of their LEDs functioning to get a night drive license from the department of  mutant vehicle  (the DMV out there)
  • having all the light electronics shorted out by an ill aimed Champagne spray…
  • throwing dummy Christmas lights all over the thing
  • .. and having a wonderful two nights at the burn after all that !!!
  • driving it triumphantly around the playa

i was so happy to hear about  his and his teas inventiveness getting this truck out there.. and so happy he enjoyed himself.. that’s my boy !!!

i do love my kids !


nite all, nite sam



here are some of max’s pictures from his trip