Crazy weather today… It was supposed to be rainy but instead bright sunshine and almost 60°F. That’s a good 40° warmer than it normally is this time of year.
I managed to get some time outside with the dogs while I was on phone calls and it was incredible. I should’ve been out there and shorts except for all of the snow we still have.

The sun was so bright and the roads were so muddy that it really does feel like spring just six weeks too early.

I’m not complaining :-)… But maybe I am. I do miss the cold

i’ve been wearing sunglasses for the last couple of days because right leg still hurting my eyes. Kind of residual from the concussion I got in Germany last week. I love seeing the world through the sun glasses
Everything looks somehow cooler.… But I don’t recommend them for using a computer at 7 PM. I couldn’t figure out why it was so dark LOL

Night Sam, night all
– Me

When we got home on Saturday there was a package waiting for me from my oldest son Max. Inside was a beautifully carved wooden sign that he had made with the word “ganbatte” engraved on it. It’s the same word that Max carved into the back of the cell phone case he made for me that I carry every day. It means “go for it” in Japanese… It’s both a word of encouragement and challenge.

I love that kid!

Today was nice… took Most of it off… Did manage to get a couple of work things done. Tomorrow back to normal.
Diane and I were able to get out in the snow with the dogs. We did Libby’s look out on snowshoes. It was about a foot of snow at the top… Kind of crusty from last nights 0° cold. But it was 47° by the time we got to the bottom. Supposedly rain coming tomorrow… Which means all the snow will go. Might mean a flood?

45 degrees warmer than last night

The roads are starting to melt… Looks almost like March

OK… Time for sleep. More tomorrow
Night all, night Sam
– Me

Ahhhhh. !
I took the day off today which felt so good. I started with a Jolts and volts show at Browns River middle school… There were about 85 kids including my friend adah in the audience . It’s been many months since I had done a show and it was so much fun to be in front of kids again. Miraculously, all the equipment worked
I forgot to get any pictures… I turn on some high voltage stuff and realized I had my phone in my pocket and tossed it in a corner
I did snap this one picture before I set up

The afternoon was gorgeous and the snow was still pretty deep… Dianne and I took the girls out snowshoeing again. The light was so beautiful.

GabÉ and raya came over for dinner and Diane made the most wonderful meal… Tom KA and pad Thai…

I’m going to dream about it tonight
Night all, night Sam
– me

It’s been more than a year since we’ve been able ot get out on snowshoes. Last year was the least snowy year in recorded history.. this year was heading that way as well.. until we got a good dump of snow last week. It was great coming back to the place lookign like winter. there’s a foot or sow of snow around.. thoguh today’s 345 degree weather makes me wonder how long it’s gonna stick around. Diane and I felt the urge to get outside and play in the snow.. We took a medium long snowshoe wit the girls. Chai is nursing a pulled muscle in her hip.. so we took it easy. It was so nice getting off the road and into semi deep thick snow.


the dogs arent the only creatures tired in this hose now. Diane and I are strugglign o stay awake…..

so .. it’s 8 am.. can i go to sleep yet ?

nite all. nite sam