1 am and just got home. We visited my sister , her family and my mom this weekend in Minneapolis .. nice visit. We caught a flight home around 11AM.. we landed inNewark about 3 t find that our flight to Albany had been canceled due to air traffic control. .. >. The next flight to Albany was not until tomorrow. We’d decided to fly in and out of there  because we got a good deal using frequent flyer miles..  We decided to rent a car and drive back … while we were waiting for our bags (which took an hour) we ran into a family from Houston that had been booked on the same canceled flight… so we offered to give them a ride.. Maria, Sonia and Katharina.. really nice talking to them on the ride up. .. We dropped them in Albany, returned the rental car , picked up our car and grabbed some chinese food then drove the last 3 hours. All in all it was about 6 hours of driving and 2 hours of flying.. ugh

Glad  to be home …

The next couple of days are tough for us.. We will make the 11th anniversary of Sam’s passing on Tuesday.  Still so  hard to believe he’s not here. 

Please join us on Tuesday  to remember Sam. we’ll all meet to hike Bolton  a 1PM .. then all meet back here at 6PM for a potluck . https://www.facebook.com/events/171000990151715/

nite all, nite sam


We spent a very fun day in Minneapolis with my sisters family and my Mom.    My day began with carrot cake and Bundi Masala.. A day that starts with spicy okra cant go wrong. 


Diane and I took Mary and John’s dog Skye out for a 3 mile run around the lake of the isles.. right near their ose.. It was a beautiful cool and clear day. 


Grandma was satuing at the hosue as well 


It was great hanging out with my nephews.. we spent most of the day getting up to mischief of one sort or another. 



both Jake and THeo are really into sceince.. we made a simple motor 



my brother phoned in to say hi 


ellery had soem freinds over for cookie making 



this house is huge an amazing .. very warm and comnfortable and informal inside.. stately outside. 


prrof that my sister is now a grown uo.. to me she is always 12 years old. 


she was sporting a new hircut today. 


around 3 we drove to watch theo’s hockey practice   he’s very good on the ice 


at that point we were just a mile from my mom’s. she wanted to show us her new condo.. which overlooks the Mississippi .



firstly thing inside the door is my dad’s hat.. made me happy to see 




check out this view !


lots of family memorabila.. felt lie home 


lots of pictures of dad.. made me miss him. 



views from moms condo were really nice 




here’s where the local footbal team plays



lots of sam pics.. which made me happy/sad


mom gave us a tour.. here’s hwer sorage room 


her neighbor Marta is a potter… she’s from Hungary.. she accidentally became a potter when she accidentally signed up for pottery when she meant to sign up for poetry  in college   . her’s her digs 


marta was a movie star in Hungary back in the day.. here she was in the 60’s 


mom took us to see some of the other facilities.. her’s the ‘party room’ .. 


we had a toast to moms new place 



we took a short very cold walk along the river.. 

then home to marys for  more science mischief  (spud gun, steel wool, mentos and coke) 


now almost 11 am. time for sleep..

more tomorrow


nite all, nite sam



Greetings from Minneapolis… I’m at my sister Mary and her husband John’s house… It’s the first time I’ve ever been here. Beautiful place. My mom is here too. Diane and I are visiting for two days. So great to see everyone doing so well. My nephews Theo and Jake and my niece Ellery I’ve gotten so big… They have a really cute dog named skye Why can’t get enough of… Right now all I can think about is crawling into bed and getting some sleep… I’ll post more pictures of the family tomorrow

Here are a couple to tide you over

OK… Can’t hold my eyes open any longer… More tomorrow

night all, night Sam

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Attempted to take a vacation today.. but still managed to work abotu a half a normal day.. all in all a good day . 

Cleaned my office, put away a ton of electronics.. and genereally prepared to try to do very little next week.   Around 4, DIane and I headed up to colchester for the quarterly VOMIT (Vermonsts own MIT club) meeting. Today was a tour of Twincraft soap.. i didn’t knwo what to expect.. but it was actually amazing !. .. Here are my fellow MIT alums 


my buddy KC’s car has a munny license plate.. her initials.. are the chemical symbol for Potassium  Cyanide 

she just had her 50th MIT reunion 


we all checked in to twincraft 


here is Kurt, Twincrafts main formulary inventor.. and our tour guide


here we are , gowned for the tour 


after a short presnetation.. we went down for the tour 





here’s the raw soup in 1000 kg bags 


here’s scrap soap thats sold at cost to prisons. 


here’s the milling machine that shears the soap pellets 


here are the ingredient bays for the days runs.. 


one of the gieant mixers 

the pruductin floor below 


a pressing machine used to test spoap


african black soap after its first milling 


purpule soap !


2nd mixing and extruder 


adding exfoliants (oatmeal) 






soap ingots 


the soap is warm and still flexible 


yellow soap 




translucent soap 


lots and lots of finsihed product !


the soap dies .. they have over 5000 shapes


extra extruder screws


lots more ingrediants 


the soap lab.. where they expereiment 



it was 7 pm by the time we got out. I drove DIane back to Richmond.. then headed out to waterbury to meet my Burnign Man friends.   We’re planning next years projects. We met at Sun Commons, my freind Duanes company . 



It’s goona be great !


ok.. gotta sleep now.. more tomorrow from the road


nite all. nite sam