Today was the day of the big Floata-palooza benefit for the Chill program.  Chill is a program started by Burton to get kids  into board sports who might not otherwise get the chance. I was surprised to learn that wasn’t restricted to just snowboarding.. it also includes skateboarding battle boarding, skim boarding.. maybe even being bored in school (lol)


Folks started showing up around 9 and they couldn’t find a place to fill up their rafts.. We offered our front yard.. It was great getting to meet so many happy folks !




Around noon we all pulled our floats down to the river..



Around noon we all headed down to the river





That Town really came together and helped Cara drove kids from parking.. the parts set up a snack stand on their land.. it was awesome !


I floated most of the day with my buddy mike.. we were without question the .. uh.. most mature folks floating..


it rained for about 3 min.. but looked pretty feirce


Great.. great time.. took us about 3 hours total.. then busses took most of the kids back to their cars..



One other cool thing that happened today. Lee is painting our house.. He took me up in the lift to show me some issues with the roof line.. This is about 50 feet in the air..


great, great day..

hope you had one too !


nite all, nite sam


It's 11-ish o'clock at night on Friday that… Just woke up on the couch..… Imagine my surprise I didn't even know I was asleep!. We are still I was freezing… We have all the fans going because it's so hot somehow that managed to make me cold

Had a lovely evening. Diane Ellen will , the dogs and I took a hike up Libbys look out. That we all came back here they cooked wonderful summer time meal from the garden. (The tortellini crop this year is Amazing :-)

Dianne just walked back in the door from the grocery store guess I'm asleep for over two hours… Now that's a great Friday night !


Now I got to wake up so I can go to bed

Night all, night sam





Hi drama in Jonesville! There’s word that there is going to be at 2000 person flotilla of homemade flotation devices Setting sale at the Jonesville Bridge this Saturdayenroute to Richmond. 3 miles down river.  The town is completely abuzz with this news… The idea is to come down and float and create a small donation fee that goes to support the”chill” program that Bolton sponsors. The idea is to get kids she wouldn’t otherwise have the chance out on the mountains learn to ride.… That’s all I need to motivate me. I’m still thinking about what kind of boat I can build.

Today I heard through email phone calls Facebook in just about every other conveyance about this coming happening.  Come to think of it. in a town of 300 people It really is no place for 2000 people to park much less climb down the river. That said it sounds like a great idea.

I’m the 2nd closest neighbour to be affected… And I have to say”Bring it on”. I think it’s for a good cause… And it’s fun… and what other excuse you need to jump in the Winooski river?

I do hope people are respectful of the land in the neighbors. Do that and things will go just fine

nite all, nite sam


Just back from Boston.. My ma sailed through her second cataract surgery with me as her chaufer. I was proud of how she handled it. She’s now instantly keen sighted again.. technology is wonderful stuff.


I had a nice 4 hour drive back and use the time to catch up with work and friend calls. I was speaking with friend Jarrod and we were talking about what I might do after i retire. He quoted someone to the effect that one should not keep putting things one enjoys off until later..


I responded ‘i am putting nothing off’.. he asked surprise. . ‘isn’t there something you’re not doing now that you would like to be doing..?’

I explained that he misunderstood..   By “i was putting nothing off’.. I really meant.. i was putting off doing nothing…. Ie.. i really have never learned to just sit  and do nothing.. and just ‘be’..

hey… there’s no time like the future !

nite all, nite sam