Just back from helping my mom down in Boston. she’s sellign her house and mocvng to Minnesota to be nearer my sister. I’m proud of her for sleling her place, buying a new plance in MN.. and for packing up all of the stuff she’s collected after 15 years of boston. Moving that stuff is an emotional expereince.. especaiully since my dad died about 3 years ago


there were only two things I wated from the house (htough I seem to have come back with more than that) .. Those were the 1905 Edison gramophone my folks bought for 30 dollars at an auction in Cape cod in 1963.. and my dad’s Kayak. the HUEY 2



Here the gramophone. .. which stills sort of works!

here’s a true multimedia story.. 1905 gramophone cylinders, 1965 mag tape of the family, a random family VHS..a nd a DVD with a movie Max was in.. how cool is that >!>! 



and here’s the kayak.. 


and here’s a knot tied by my dad.. I couldn’t bear to untie it.. ..


had a good 4 hour drive home.. spoke wit a bunch of my favorite mentors about life, technology, , future, etc..


did have to make one pit stip.. there I realized how cool it was to look at LCD’s on gas pumps through your polarized sunglasses…

now.. why in the heck was I wearing sunglasses at 10 PM ? I’d forgotten I was still wearing them !


ok. almost 2m.. and i just finished working.. 

gotta sleep


nite all, nite sam



another day trying to help my mom get  ready for her move. She’s done a great job packing. I feel like I’m mostly hear for morale support.. which I know is important too /tpday we boxed and shipped soem stuff.. Wew made a few cool discoveries.. like thiese puzzles from when I was very young..  


i was gratified to know that I could stiull do them !


lte night.. we went out for sishi..


then came bck and drank my dad’s tequilla


a fitting end to the day


nite all, nite sam



My mom is mvoing out of her house in Sherborn Mass and moving to a new condo in Minneapolis. I’m down in Sherborn with her, helpeign her pack the place up . My mom has done a very good job of packing. Diane and Deb were down here 2 weeks ago.. too


we made a two car dumpp run. and mnaged ot completely cleanout the garage. 


charlotte and phoeniz are doing well now that they’ve been put in the outside poe.. THese guys grwe up n an aquarium 


we fpiund all sorts of surprises in clostes.. 


my dads things rellaycaprured me.. i spent long amunts of time talking to these things


ultimately we had two car loads..  nound for the dump or recyling zone.  I felt like we’d made soem great progress.. 


we had to throw out some  weird stuff..


now no one can steal mom’s quiche Loraine recipe !

arriana and ste came over which was fun . 


thwen mom and I wnent for a walk. Here’s the Framingham town lione. 


we saw a silver/golden mushroom.. so beutiful !


we looked for heart shape d rocks to put on my moms little alter for Sam in the woods. 


here it is !

beutiful !


the out to diner at our favorite mexican place.. yum !!!!


finally a groery store for food to keep us packing


remindfs me of tyler durgin ‘ what kind of yoghurt defines me as a person’ ? 



ll in ll  good dy.. much more to do

more from tomorrow

nite all, nite sam




WOnderfully quiet and restful day.. much differnt than the day I would have had gettign to my reunioun in Tx.. which would have been fun,// but nothing could have been more fun than hanging out here and relaxing 1

one very meaningful thing we did today as to go to a small gathering at lou and Cathy for Cathy’s dad Bill. Bill died back in Decmber.. The family got together today to inern his ashes and ddicate a bench in the Eathan Allen Homestead. 


Afterwards they all came back to Cathy and Lous for lunch .. We met up with them there. Bill and his wife Ann were/are  long time friends of ours too. It was wodnerful seeing all the great pictures of Bill.. He was a sweet man.. literally.. he was a candy maker… he made ice cream, fudge, toffee.. .. and he had the wonderful personality to match 


it was great seeing all of Cathy’s relatives, many of whom we’ve met over the years.. Id not remember this one, though  🙂 


ok. heading to Boston very early tomorrow.. so signing off now

note all, note sam