All day long I’ve been hearing of impending storm chaos, great  piles of snow, winds and school outages.. but all of them from the relative tropics of places as far south as DC, NYC an Boston.  My mom just called to say schools will be closed in Boston for 2 days.. and they’re expecting 36 inches of snow !!!

Up here in  in the arctic we’re going to get 1-3 inches.. and it will be a relatively  mild +3 degrees F with light winds..

Oh great Snow G-ds .. would you PLEASE send some of your wrath this way .. pretty please. !?!?

Our mountains and trails are in great need of a good dumping.. but instead your take out your fury on places like NYC that have enough problems already…

good luck with the storm folks !

nite all, nite sam




We had a surprise ysederday .. suddenly there was a loud buzzing sound going through our house. . it took me awhiel to find it but it turns out that it was coming from a grey box on the side of our house. one that I’d hardly ever noticed. I vaguely new it was part of our new spetic system.. but we’d never been formally introduced…


in addition to the obnoxious arm.. a yellow light on the top was blinking like crazy.. i swung it open.. to find a chaos of blinking red lights.. uh-oh



we read a bit then called the number on the side of the bos

‘Dont Panic’ the calming voice said.. “all you need to do is…  ”  and he proceeded to tell me the sewage equivalent of brain surgery..

today Diane and I attempted that brain surgery.. .


step one was to get to the top of the septic system.. that involved digging the access pro out of the frozen tundra.


we read all the warnings about poison gas, etc

then we unscrewed the cap



and revealed the failing component .. behold the arreator  


we pulled it out to find it covered with glop


ick.. mostly hair.. i think..


then we screwed it back on…



Sunday night - pooped\\


and .. miracle of miracles.. it started back up !!!! Yay

What a great DIY project.. I love our septic system !


nite all, nite sam




Langlauf.. literally long run.. or long race is the german word for cross country skiing. Awesome is the english word i use. Diane and I met tim and priscilla at camels hump nordic ski center this afternoon for a beautiful glide through the woods.

the day started with a quick walk with the girls down on the rivreshore.. the prolonged cold has the winks skiable.. as Jane , Diane and Satori are demonstrating..


Camels hump used to be a commercial ski center.. now its a cooperative.. and it was full of people just like us today.. about our age, same cars.. etc.. it was about as vermonty as you can get…





we spent about 2 hours exploring the trails.. then back home by way of the store.. and who did we run in to ? Gabe and Raya !

now a quick pit stock at home and then music in the valley tonight with tim and priscilla

right now.. maybe a quick nap..

nite all. nite sam


Just back from a really nice dinner at Mexicalis with sdiane, ue, jim, andy and jenniferl.. somewhere along the evening we started talking about astrophysics, then carl sagan, then wormholes. Then we started talking about wormholes we know. Those are the roads that magically drop you off someplace they really shouldn’t get you to..


cmon.. you know white ones,. the magc route that get your across town without traffic..

Readers near us will reccognize some of them..


like Patchen road, that magically takes you from south burlington to winks,.. WHAT ??!

or that crazy River Cove that takes you from south burlington to essex junction.. huh ?

or texas hill road that leads you rom nowhere in hinesburg to no where in huntington

surly you know of some other wormholes.. can you please share them with us ?

the world is an amazing place.. no ?

nite all, nite sam