greetengs from banff in alberta Canada.. I woke at 4 am , took a cab to heathrow.. jumped on a plane flew to chicago where I met diane and we flew to banff. I’m here for a conference.. and i’m so happy diane could join me..

I was in the air abotu 14 hours and still could not completely get through my  email backlog of the last two days.. amazing !


Happy to be here with my love.. GOnna have to tell you more about this place tomorrow..

I’m so etlagged. I keep dozing off


more tomorrow

note all. nite sam


I went to sleep last night nervous but feeling good about the elections here in the UK. Like almost everybody I saw today  i woke up to the same dawning disbelief that Britain had  decided to pull out of the European Union.

It was a strange feeling to be here on that day. We had a big IBM event here… Everyone was polite …though everyone had their phones out checking their own stock portfolios etc. Could you blame them? Especially when we knew that only a few hours later the same was going to happen to us. It was unbelievable and eiry.

The work event was fine… In fact it was fun. Though the mood was very muted. I could not wait to get out in the streets and talk to people. This afternoon and this evening I spent time talking to people I met… Waiters, barkeepers, random people about what they thought. They all had basically the same reaction… They couldn’t believe it either. Several of them said what does this mean to the US? With Donald Trump be our next president? I have to confess that today was the very first day that I even considered that that might be possible.

The whole thing is very sad…. I know that people can disagree with one another… But how can it be nearly 50% of us believe so fundamentally that the other 50% is wrong. In that kind of situation with so many people believing on both sides… Either of them be truly wrong or truly right?… I say that… But I’m certain of my own beliefs. I believe the decisions made out of fear and hate to not push the world forward. I’m sure someone taking the opposite view does not view their beliefs as being grounded in hate or fear.

I know the near-term ramifications to stock markets , economy, etc. are going to be hard for all of us..  Well it will be a hardship I’m sure… I have no doubt that that will eventually right itself.. I’m more concerned about the general state of our society…

I’m more concerned about the general state of our society…

I have to say, I’m still an optimist… I’m sure eventually that will right itself as well

Nite all, nite sam


Hello from London.. It’s late here and I need to sleep. I have a big talk tomorrow.   Fun and very busy dy.. woke up in paris and took the eurostart train though the tunnel to londan.. it could not have been easier !

spnt to day in prep for our event tomorrow. met soem great people and saw some great  old freinds. .. More after the event tomorrow !

here’s the station in Paris


and here is the station in London.. how cool !


goofing aroudn witht eh production team from centerline.. such great folk !


afterwards, we took the teleferique over the themes to get dinner


stormy weather !


the teleferique closed as I was coming back.. I begged and they let me on.. for free !!!!

ps. not the color of the sky.. it’s 10 PM !


ok.. more tomorrow.. wish me luck !


nte all, nite sam !



Greetings from a  wierd hotel in Paris. I’m here after a very long day that began when I landed in Ireland at 7 AM gave a talk, jumped in a cab at 10:30, flew to  Paris and spent the afternoon with some very interesting clients  and Ibm friends.


As busy as that sounds I don’t have much else to report other then I managed to leave my laptop in Ireland. Luckily some friends of mine there are going to meet me tomorrow in England. I’d forget my head if it weren’t tied  on.

 Is it tied on ?!


Night all,Night sam

– Me