much needed ‘day off’ today.. I stayed off of screens pretty much all day and did not do email. felt SO good.

My one venture out was to the  Champlain Maikerfaire.. and event I helped start about 4 years ago.. but had virtually nothing to do with this year.  I feel kinda wierd that i’ve had to drop 100% of my local stuff due tot eh demands of my new job… hmmm. gotta think abotu that some…

It was a beautiful day down at Shelbourne Farms. It seemed to ebbe a smaller crowd.. btu the  folks there were defintely having  a great time !


here are soem of the chmbot entries !


virtualreality baloonpopping robots of course !


my freind jim had his onderful optical piano roll reader.. a thing of beauty !


theseguys are tryig to genetically modify cats to change color when exposed to radioactivity


therewas lots of fabrics and crafts there today.. more than high tech.. kind of an interesting change


heres my freind jim from essex..


my pinbox carboard tech freinds were there


here’s doug the ring maser on a segway supplied by my freind Jeff… one of the guys that designed them


yummy food carts were there too !

nice to be there.. saw so many freinds…

if you didnt go there today.. chek it out tomorrow !

nite all. nite sam




Longgggggg week.. finally heading home to Vermont. I’m sitting on the plane ready to take of to VT. I’m going to try and not turn on a screen until sunday… .,, will be a fun challenge. Need to get some head clearing time


hope everyone has a nice weekend !


nite all, nite sam



In NYC for one night..  first step was to take a quick run in central park at sunset.. pretty !

then headed out to a  great pop up party with max in brooklyn..

it’s kind of hard to explain.. htye sort of ‘occupy’ a street with music fire perofmers, food.. It was great seeign so many old freinds there.. and geteting introduced to many of Max’s good freinds.. 


a guy came up to me and drew this picture of me on a dirty pizza box.. how cool is that ?!?!


then the band showed up.. !

now its tiem to sleep.. big day tomorrow


more from the road

nite all, nite sam


Wies’n-schaft  =   The science of Oktoberfest

Wies’n (aka Oktoberfest)  + Schaft (shaft) .. but sounds like Wissenschaft which  means science

i know my German is getting better when I can make a pun in it


Wien’schaft is the sceince of studying   a ton of sweetly  drunk couples dressed in lederhosen and dirndls coming back from oktoberfest ..  sleepy and happy. after walking  around all dayin theire native costumes.. who  then went  out isnging and drinking with lots of happy strangers.


It makes the mood of this city so happy and sweet..

I’m happy to studied it :-)


nite all nite  sam