It’s 2:20 am and I need to be up in 3 hours.. ugh.. very busy day. with many good meetings. Did a talk  at 5 for a large client meeting at teh Alliance Arena.. Such a cool venue.

then at 8 PM a very fun/interesting dinner with freinds …tlaked about Iot, ai, cars, culture..

then at 10:30 another very interestign meeting with new freind Juergen on AI.

now.. just 3 hours to sleep until i see my Diane ! Yay

nite all nite sam


Busy good day here full of interesting meetings. We ended the day at the  ‘UnternamerTum’.. which is a bit of fun  wordplay . ‘Unternamer’  is an entreprenure.. ‘Unternamertum’ is like’entreprenurship;.. but it’s also at ‘TUM’.. the Technical  University of Munich’.

Tonight we got to see their very cool accelerator and makerspace..

they had a ton of parts free for the members use


we saw some very interestign robotics .. all dc motors and strings


they had a biohacking lab (the sign says it all !


a large group of soonsors


and soem really amazing projects liek this carbon fiber Hyperloop competition entry 

they had every tool imaginable including a full metal shop, 6 laser cuttres. and uncoutable number of 3d printers. a tool changeing mill

a wood shop pant shop sewing shop and a full electronics setup with a pick and place machine

amazing even at 2 euros a minute !


one of their centrpieces was an eos sintering plastic 3d printer


they’ve already had soem cool startup launches


i left super excited to come back.. and it’s only about 10km up the street from us


even the subway sto is cool !

afterwards a nice dinner with good freinds.. not a bad day !

ok.. gotta sleep now.. more tomorrow !

-nite all, nite sam



Barly holding on to conciousness.. arrived here in Munich at 7AM and am still awake at 10PM.. productive day  here.. Cool and rainey but much warmer than home. I’m lving the skyscraper life here. Here’s the view from my office/falblab.. kinda cool !


nice dinner with freind Deanna and her husband Chris..   .. On the way home this guy comes up and says ‘hi einstein’ in english

.. h wanted a selfie. so did I.. Ilove being approchable  looking !

nite all, nite sam


Many of my work freinds are at World of Watson this week. It’s a big IBM confernece in Las Vegas . I had work I had to do in Munch.. so I’m heading the other direction.. In solidarity with all of them .. I’m watching  Elvis and Ann Margert in “VivaLas Vegas’ .. a very bizarre movie from 1964.. THe only thing I knew about it before seeign it on a plane was that there’s a scene with the song Viva Las Vegas in the big lebowski..

I wonder if that would ake elvis happy ? It makes me happy !

nite all nite sam