DIdn’t have time to post these yesterday due to having to run between planes.. But.. I had a gret time attending the first munich IoT hackathon .. .. but I did it from home by robot.. We have these great little 

robotos that are like an ipad  on a stick. you dial in to them.. then drive them around.. so much phone

its almost as good as bing there.. i was able to check in on friday. saturday and was ‘there’ for the judging and awards on sunday  even though i was actually in vermont



congrats to all the teams that competed.. there were some really great ideas !!!!!

ok.. right now sleep sounds like a great idea… so more tomorrow

nite all, nite sam


I am just about to take off on my way to Munich again

Hey .. I’m in the air !
I shouldn’t be blogging

Feels good to breT the rules

Nite all, nite Sam

Spent the morning  with change of season chores.. cleaning windows, removing airconditioners.. covered with insects and spiders !!!!


aroudn 11 we went with gabe. raya and the dogs up to bolton to hike harrintons view.. its the rock outcropping in the upper center.. higher than it looks 🙂



it’s a beutiful view rom up there.. with a 40 foot drop 


our freind Nick s and his hiking buddy wehere there.. they were on a 2 day hike up to smugglers notch.. that 11 miles a day ! 


beautiful leaves and beautiful fungus  all around !

love where i live and who(m) i live with. 

more tomorrow


nite ll, nite sam



Wide awake because aI jsut passed a car driving the wrong direction in our lane of the interstate !. Police in hot pursuit !> Hoppy everyone’s ok !

Busy day.. one nice aspect as a stop at Tech Jam. organized by our good freinds at 7Days. I ran a panel on Industry 4.0 and the Vermont Economy.. Heres the blurb

The Next Disruption: Industry 4.0


As automation becomes more sophisticated, companies from fulfillment centers to advanced manufacturers will need to adjust to what is being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution: robotics working with computers, devices, and algorithms to achieve higher productivity. This new system — the Internet of Things — has major implications for the workforce. In this session, organized by the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, experts on cybersecurity, manufacturing, workforce and IoT will discuss the impact of this new industrial paradigm, and what implications it holds for Vermont businesses. The discussion will be moderated by IBM Fellow, John Cohn. Panelists include:

Location: Upstairs Room A


. We had a great set of speakers. 




the audience was engaged .. the conversation was fun and lively 


after our panel came the awards. my good buddy Jake won ‘Newcomer of the year !!!”]

my freind Margaruitte’s company ‘Game Theory’ one the Innovation award 


i only had a few minutes after the panel to run aroudn technjam.. /. lots of cool stuff.. not enough time to talk 


went home and picked up Diane.. first stop was Sikoras.. where i ran into my old friend Yakata-san from Tokyo !  He’s spending some time in vermont working on a project..t hats a pretty small world !


then a few errands.. then off to see Lotus at Higher Ground


ok.. tiem for sleep.. more tomorrow


nite all, nite sam