Happy almost birthday to me.  Tomorrow I turn  57. I haven’t really had a chance to reflect on that.. but it’s as old as I’ve ever been:-) I’m feeling pretty good going into this  birthday.. Its funny.. i feel quite a bit younger this year than I have for the last several… Not sure why.. might be that I’m so engaged at work right now… .and/or that I’m so grateful for so many things in my life.. not sure.. but happy for it..

more from year 57 tomorrow

nite all. nite sam


Great weekend.. for one reason or another, I never got around to doing all the work i’d piled up for the weekend.. instead I relaxed, hung ou with diane and tried to shake the cold i’ve been carrying around.

shot of nostalgia nostalgic lunch today when our friend Dave Pino, the head sound guy from the Colony, showed up for lunch. He lives in LA.. but was in NH filming a Bernie Rally for a show he’s doing for Showtime Network. We cut up on family , life and friends. He told us some great stories about miking up the candidates for interviews.. he also told us some of the other cool things he’s done since our two season involvement with the Colony. He did 3 seasons of Naked and Afraid…. and several seasons of ‘The Apprentice ‘. (yes.. he really is that bad in person)

it was great watching about the old days and old friends..

Spent the afternoon at the Generator seeing friends, then this evening headed to jen and TIms  to watch the Super Bowl. It was surprisingly fun..

<football fans.. stop reading here.. my knowledge of the game is pathetic>

Neither of us are into sports.. and before tonight I could not have told you who was playing.. or where the game was.. even as an outsider, it was really fund watching the technology used in the filming of the game, the halftime show (wow) and the commercials. I felt like fast forwarding through all the parts where the guys were throwing the ball back and forth.. but I did get caught up in the vicarious pleasure of it. Payton Manning.. is a name i’ve always known.. but I didn’t know much about him.. i learned a couple of minutes into the game that he was 39 years old.. relatively account for football.. and that he had won 199 games.. something only one other human had done.. If his team one tonight he could retire as  the winningest guy in football.. .. he looked like a nice guy .. so I started to hope he would win.. In the end he did !.I don’t remember much about the actual game, but  It was  really fun to get caught up in the vicarious pleasure of seeing him get this milestone..

I may not be a football fan but I’m still smiling..!

nite all, nite sam


Folks.. I beg your indulgence.. I’m doing some fiddling with my wordpress site and associated twitter feed.. sorry if it goes a little wonky for a few days.

One of the first orders of business this morning was to bring in wood .. Its a a twice a week or so ritual where we use a garden cart to transfer about 1000 pounds of wood into the house for our heat. As Diane and I  piled the wood into the cart this morning it was almost 40 degrees.. which is pretty amazing considering this week is normally one of our coldest of the year.. It’s not unusual  for it to be  -20 on a morning in the first week of Feb.. thats almost 60 degrees colder than now. The season has been freakishly warm and snowless.. So much so that we have used less than half the wood we normally would have used by this time …

We also took about a five mile hike.. not much snow.. but plenty of ice.. it was beautiful in a bleak november-ish kind of way.



Our one accomplishment today .. also wood related… was steeped in nostalgia for me.. I’d built a rain shed for our pizza oven out of the relics of the 25 year old climber thing all three boys grew up on.. it blew over in a windstomrm last month.. today we went out to survey the damage and see if  we could mcguyer it back together one more time.. no such luck.. the damage was just too much. As I unscrewed and sawed the pieces apart I kept thinking of all the fun we all had on that thing in its various  forms.. how many underdogs, home many kickball wars, how many doggymeats (long story.. a dumb song we sang while we swung).. i sang the doggymeat song as I sawed through the last rung as we rendered the thing into pieces..


not to fear though.. the good pieces we saved.. and I’ll definitely build something else with the relics.

we always do..

nite all, nite sam


Ahhh…home again .. On the flight home i got a txt from gabe with this picture a freind of his took near leddy park in burlington.

What the heck is that ?a catamount ? I know they are coming back… Kind of cool to know there are big cats backin the woods ehre… But in burlington ?!?

The other big news today is that diane got the girls clipped ..hey were getting pretty shaggy,, and since we dont have snow.. They were getting all mddy.. Today talia really combed them out and fluffed them up.. They both look like big puff balls.. Awwwww so cute !


Ok.. I am newrign the end of a 29 hour travel day.. I gotta get some sleep

Nite all, nite sam