Woke to the news today at the part of IBM that I had working for 30 years is going to be sold to another company. We known this was coming for quite some time… Still, it feels very strange now that it's true. It doesn't affect me directly because I am in a completely different division. It does however effect so many of my close friends.

Though I don't yet know all of the details, I have to say that I'm pretty happy about it. Global foundries is a very good company and I think will be a good home for all my friends. It will be great for them to be working for a company where silicon is their main business.

I'll know more about what the changes mean after Wednesday.

I have to admit, I like changes. I think this will be a good one.
Night all, night Sam
– Me

“Life is full and my heart expands to embrace it…”   that’s what I tell myself when I’m too busy…

and I’m way too busy…

after a great weekend .. hanging around thr house, hanging out with my mom and diane..   the storm has hit

I’ve had 5  phone   meetings this evening (sunday).. and have just one more at 10pm before I can go to sleep… and I need to be up at 4AM to catch a plane..

funny thing is.. i’m kind of enjoying it..

note all. ntite sam

Very pleasant and slow day.. it was hot this morning when we took the girls for a run.. but by midmornign it was rainy and cool My mom is up visiting so we sat aroudn the house most of the day and talked, read and just hung out.

Aroudn 3 we ventured downtown to wander around.. It was nice poking around on church street and visiting shos that I didn’t even realize were there.

THe high point for me was a late afternoon cloudburst right as we got in the car. the late afternoon sun reappeared  immediately after the rain  and the sky was full of rainbows.. .. first one, then two.. then, briefly diane saw three (triple rainbow, triple rainbow.. what does it mean ?!)

What i loved even more than the rainbows was watching everyone in town watch the rainbows.. Traffic was stopped, people were all lookign the same direction wiht beutiful smils in the strange green/gold afternoon light.. .. loved it !

nite all, nite sam




Just back from a really fun and spontaneous night on the town. My mom is up visiting  is nice motivation to go out and explore. We saw that the play ”

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

was playing at the Flynn Space. We had no idea what it was about beyond the obvious references to Chekhov. I won’t be a spoiler here.. but it certainly was not a Chekhov play.. even though the character names and many plot elements were borrowed from there.   It had voodoo, pop culture, family dynamics, love triangles.. all the ingredients for a great comedy.   My favorite part was a 5 minute rant from (Unlcle) Vanya on pop culture that was amazing.. 
I apologize.. but I cant stay awake enough to write anything more..

I promise more tomorrow

nite all. nite sam