The end of a long week.. glad to be heading back to VT. Ended the week on a very nice note. My good friends Carlos and Gaby were in town from Lima Peru. We got to spend some time together this event.. It was really good catching up with them.. .. Carlos even brought us some bottles of his home made Pisco.. the high test brandy made from grapes from his own vines.. yum !


After dinner we went for a walk in Central park.. the place was in full spring.. 70 degrees.. and already too hot for me :-)

it was nice walking around with my friends..



that was a nice end to a busy day that started like this..

I love this city..

in tiny does :-)


nite all, nite sam



Had a fun and busy day. I spent as much time as my  day job would allow in the IBM Academy Regional meeting in Somers. It was great catching up with som many friends.. Some folks that I work with all the time.. and never had gotten to meet (like you Leo !) .

I came away really inspired.. .. which is something I’m starting to feel more and more.. these days.. its not like we don’t have a ton of challenges.. it just feels like things are looking up !



speaking of ‘looking up’

Between work meetings and the academy meetings.. I only had one hour free from 7 am until 10 pm (no exaggeration). But I did manage to spend that hour having fun. I went rock wall climbing with my friend Mark.. I’d really never done it bore.. and It was such a blast !. We ran into my friend Laura K. there as well.. small world



yikes.. gotta sleep now..

more tomorrow..

nite all, nite sam


Today IBM announced 10 new fellows.. bringing the total number of us to 95.. a record number.. I was really happy to meet the new class.. and see in them several old friends. here’s the official announcement.. you an read about them and their accomplishments.. There’s a nice shoutout to several of the current fellows (including me :-) in the text and attached movie. I really appreciate the nice things  said in there .

Several of the new class  came over tonight and met with the fellows and academy members gathered at IBM somers for a mixer.. it was so much fun


here are three of the new fellows. bernie, donna and jim



strangely cool and disturbing



this is why i truly love working here !


congrats to all the new honerees


nite all. nie sam


Greetings from somewhere in Connecticut. I’m down here with my fellow fellows enjoying fellowship..
Good day of meetings.. much to digest.. not the least of which was a great Ethiopian meal after our day long discussions.. I’m sure both will bring interesting dreams !


looks like a game of cards ? .. nope.. just settling the check


more meetings with these folks tomorrow. Glad to be with my friends.

nite all, nte sam