Busy and fun day.. Took today completly off from work.. haven’t done that on a weekend in a while..

Worked aroudn the house all mornign trying to catch up from being so busy at work..   Diane finished painting our bathroom.. looks so nice now !


Mid day I headed downtown to check out Techjam. What a GREAT event. I was so amazed to see that many smart and techy people in one place. . I ran into so many friends… I could hear in the buzz of conversation connections being made, careers advancing.. kids getting interested in tech..  I want to say to the organizers (Hi Cathy !) how much I and I’m sure everyone else appreciated them putting together such a powerful event. !

Technjam was just upstairs from generator.. so we got lots of through traffic. the place was jumping !  Great first contacts..

Here’s Cathy R.. Techjam goddess.. and SteM maven running her girls tech lunch .. She’s so awesome !  My friend Cairn is standing to her  right.


Ran into my buddy Dave.. whose company Pwnie express is doing great.. We had a really interesting conversation (really. really, really interesting) .. on the topic of Internet of things.   He was on the cover of one of the tech mags.. pretty nice !

Jeff and his family had some new home made tech bling. the girls always have soemthign new to show me.. it made my day !

heres fritz  the powerful !

Kevin G

Mssr Osler

The .. IBM (and soon to be not IBM) crew

Pascal and ed

Freind Ken from Soundtoys

Two guys working for my buddy bill

old friend Kevin O

The lab B krew

Sean and Dan

Joe C and his robots.

An many, many more folks I saw .. so much positive energy in that room !

Then.. back home to put on the storm windows.. not much fun.. but between Diane, Max and Me.. we made sort of quick work of it.> The last job was to use a 25 foot ladder to clear an abandoned birds nest our of our upstairs bathroom vent.. Max offered to do it because i’m not so good with hieghts.. He pulled out so much gunk from the vent which was over 25 feet in the air.

here’s the birdsnest proper.. birds left over a year ago.. they raised a nice family in here.

final event for the day was a visit to our favorite local restaurant.. bridge street cafe. Closing after 14 years.. We had to go and get one more veggie wrap.. We wanted to say thanks to our good friend Marvin for taking such good care of us over the past many years.. 100′s of dinners, creamies, Halloween wine shots,  bottles of A1 sauce.. and so many memories.. We were reminiscing about a time that Marvin s son Wes made a batch of extra, extra hot chicken wings for Max and Sam.. he offered to make them free if they could eat just one. Sam did !>. Max told us that he got some of the hot sauce on his hair.. and that got in his eye .on the drive home.. Owwwww !

Marvin told us there’s a new owner.. that will reopen in a few months.. That’ll be good. We’ll miss bridge street.. but we wont have to  miss marvin.. he’s sticking around .

full day.. time for sleep.. more tomorrow

nite all. nite sam (we sure were thinking of you tonight)


Today while I was pacing around on a work call i came across a notebook. it was sitting on a pile of things that were getting moved. As I listened i picked it up and absentmindedly started to thumb through it. .. then I recognized the writing.. it was Sam’s

i stopped listening to my call..

the notebook had only a very few pages used.. sam had written his name int he front

it looks like he was writing a song.. probably for his band Black Night Vengeance

its very cool seeing his process of writing..

it’s very cool seeing is writing at all..

oh, i miss that kid

love you Samus

nite all,nite sam


I had a great visti to my friends in Poughkeepsie today..   I did a talk with all the site managers in the morning.. which was fun.. THen I got to sit in on a ‘Radical Recess’ meeting. It was an ongoing exploratory hacking group set up to encourage folsk to explore our hardware and software.. It was great hearign abotu the  projects folks were doing.


THey even gave me my own ‘wild duck’ that they’d all signed.


I’m eager to come back and visit and see what they’ve created !

Oh.. another cool thing. My firend Sandy sent me a link to an article in 7Days called An A-Z Guide to Vermont’s Tech Ecosystem. htere’s a really nice picture of me.. and I ven got my own letter J !

THanks to my good freind Cathy for including me there !

ok.. time for bed.. Night all, nite sam


There’s definitely disturbance in the force.   All the churn at work is causing folks to  get tense and edgy. I’ve had several folks raise their voices in conversations without meaning too…

And I’ve done the same thing. In my 30 some odd  years of work I’ve only raised my voice a handful  (ok.. maybe 20  handfuls ?) of times that I can remember.. honestly..   and about  of those have been  in the last week.. Its easy to blame someone else’s shortness on the zeitgeist.. but when It happens to you.. you really need to step back and reconsider..

I love my coworkers too much to be angry at them..


Obi-wan.. you’re our only hope

-nite all, nite sam



ps. I did have a great meeting with old friends tonight.. great to see bruce. bill , ed and jim !