At my mom’s house with gabe. raya and bear. i’m takign them to the airport tomorrow morning at 3:45 AM ! (ugh).. SO won’t write long.


One thing I want to report on is that I saw something I hadn’t seen in a long. long time today on my run.. liquid water !!!.. tempeatures hit 20 degrees this morning which allowed some of the oral salt to melt some of the snow.. There was liquid water flowing on the roads.. It’s been so cold.. (coldest feb on record).. that water simplky hasn’t existed in liquid form ince the beginning of the year..


It’s a sure sign that spring is coming !.. Hallelujah !

nite all, nite sam



came home on the red eye this morning.. got some sleep but not enough.. managed to fall asleep no fear than 5 times throughout the rest of the day.. five nap day.. not too bad..


pretty low key day.. one of the first things I noted  this morning when I got home was that we have  a ‘Spock’ magnet on our fridge .. i have to mark the passing of Leonard Nimoy.. every geeks favorite logician.. ‘live long and prosper’ man !



job one this morning was to go retrieve the Subaru.. The car had gotten  stuck last night in a snow bank up old stage. this morning diane, max and I went up there with a propylene rope and towed it out with the other car.. .. saved us on waiting for and paying for a tow.. felt good to be able to do it ourselves.



the rest of the day was small bursts of activity punctuated by naps in front of the fire, on the couch, in the snow, etc.. as I said.. 5 of them !


This evening we had a small pizza party where the seven of us used every possible ingredient in the house to make pizzas.. (dates. apples, artichokes, capers, pesto.. yum !)

after dinner a bunch of us went out and seeded in the bright moonlight. it was 7 degrees ABOVE zero, which felt like a heat wave !

now struggling to stay awake.. gonna have to stop here and sleep..

more tomorrow


nite all, nite sam



spent the day in Almden today.. Its a beautiful place that I always associate with Wallace Stegners “angle of Repose” one of my favorite books of all time.
Had several great meetings including two that involved long walks aroufd the beautiful building !


these chairs are actually a very cool musical wind sculpture.. they made a magical sound as the wind strummed the strings



now boarding a plane back home.. can’t wait to see my girls

nite all, nite sam



In the guestroom at my friend Rafe and families. Got here around 9 PM which gave me only about a half an hour to see his beautiful kids and beautiful wife and beautiful in-laws… All beautiful. It's been a nice short visit. Period I'm sure they're wondering why am talking to myself… That's one funny thingabout using voice dictation for this blog… I must sound like a lunatic.

I got to spend a few hours catching up with Rafe. It's been far too long since we've been able to do that. He's one of my oldest and dearest friends. I love listening to him talk about his work in math. I feel myself getting smarter when I'm sitting next to him.

Okay… Got to get up really early tomorrow so I'll interior. More tomorrow.

Night night sam