It’s soltice.. so Blessed be to all my wicca  freinds.. the longest day.. the shortest night.. the sun highest in our skies..

i cwlibrated in the most pagan way I could.. I went out and drank beer fiwith freinds by a lake.. It was still light at 10:30 PM


also had soem cgreat voisitors today at the center.. love meeting new folks !



OK.. everyone.. grab on to summer.. we’re right in the middle..

enjoy the life all around. ts the time of the greenman !


nite all. nite sam




Interesting day here in Munich.. learned lots of new things.. most of them after hours with a beer in my hand.. My facvofires are these new words for my german vocabulary

  • teekesselchen – kinda like a pun.. if German language allowed puns :-)   Here’s a list for your reading pleasure
  • schwindlig – dizzy.. like when you’re head is spinning with toop many teekelchen
  • Scheiter Heiter   – light-hearted failure.. as in embracing ones mistakes..
  • I alsoe learned soem good toaunge twisters:

    Braut Kleid bleibt Braut Klied
    und BlauKraut bleibt Blaukrout


    Zehn zahme Ziegen zogen zehn Zentuer Zucker zum Zoo !

Got  a great   call from my good buddy John for last minute invite to teh Bob Dylan show in SHelburne tonight.. but I’m half a world away.. Happy to know they’ll all be there together…
And I ended up having a nice evenign out with freinds too >

tobias takign wierd pictures

and the weird picture he took withour building in the background.

Tuesday night - Scheiter Heiter , teekesselchen, schwindlig

jochen and I looking serious (were not)



Svenja with lights

and had to say bye to a good freind Joanna who’s been workign with us.. Best of luck in your studies !


ok.. time for sleep

noite all. nite sam



I woke up this morning and realized that I had only dreamed that I had blogged last night. My apologies.

What  meant to blog About was that today was  “Juneteenth” June 19 was always a holiday when I grew up. And celebrates the day in 1965 when black  slaves in Texas were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation . That  started the emancipation all across   the confederate south. It was always a big day with parades and stuff. We always had picnics where we ate watermelon which I was that was a little bit strange.


We also sang songs like “we will overcome” and “swing low Sweet chariot”   Which doesn’t run as well as it should… Should be “swing low Sweet cheerio and ”

I was remember thinking about juneteenth  as like Passover for black people. I’m not sure Juneteenth   IS  still as big a deal in the south… But I hope it is

Night all ,night Sam


happy fathers day to all you dad’s out there.. I’ve had a nice day thinkign of the folks we made dads.. High cohn and Gabe Mariano



and the great kids  who made me a dad


and the wonderful lady who made me a dad


i also want to give a shout out to my good friends  who know that being a dad is forever.. no matter what



nite all, nite sam