Sitting at home in front of thefire with our dogs.. grateful to be home.

Day started before daen in Munioch.. after only about 3 hours sleep..our building was beautiful in the dark


got my early morening plane and worked the entire 9 hours on trying to get through my email backlog.. looked up long enough to recognize my average location of ‘somewhere south of iceland’.. last trip of hte year I hope.. it will eb nice ot be off of planes for a couple of weeks,. 



was nice ot bve back in the usa for the rest of the year,.. so nice.. I took a picture of my first step back on the continent 



flight from newark back to BYV was beutiful.. including these views of the andorondacks. 




gabe was heare when I got home.. got to light night 5 of the menorah.. ,.  hadn’t been able ot mark chanukah yet\




DIane had shared these pictures of Finn lighting the candles last night.. too cute !!




aroud 6 diane and I leftf or the ibm party.. after a quick suhi dinner we made it to champlain college for the ibm party..


it was so great seeing so many old frineds.. so mcuh catching up. lots of talks of retirements,. !.  it was really fun .. 




ok. jet lag creeping in,.. gotta s,eep.

more tomorrow !

nite all. nite sam



super busy day .. started in Herzogenaurach with less than 4 hours of sleep. Strill had a very productuve day..

Diane told me I’m missing some early season cold..  (Cenrigrade freinds.. thats about -20 C) .. not all that cold.. but early just the same



doiane even made ice xcream out of the very cold snow. 


my meetings todsaywre very good. hilight was hanging out with friends like Joern who gave me a ride all the way back to Munich !


got back to muncih in time to meet markus for a night of chrstomas venues. 


went dontown wiht markus to see the people and the sights.. like this minuture duinner party 



we grabbed soem curreyand ate outside.. the chilis kept us warm wenoguh


now after 2 am.. gotta sleep..

more from the plane tomorrow

nite all, nite sam



it’s almost 230 in the morning… So I really need to go to sleep… But I just want to believe that I had a very wonderful afternoon and evening. Katharin and I drove together to Herzogenaurach and met up with Christoph, Sky, Jan, Steffen at my favorite Greek restaurant in the world Sarataki. I’ve been looking forward to seeing my good friend, Saki, Who runs the restaurant with his brother. When we got there I was surprised and saddened to find that the restaurant is closing down in just two weeks. You’re being forced out of their building due to a huge rent  hike.

it’s a long story… But I was able to spend enough time talking to Saki do you understand that it might be a good thing after all…

He and his brother were excellent host tonight to a really nice gathering of my very goid IBM friends. We talked work, life over our wonderful, wonderful Greek meal. Still my favorite of any place I’ve eaten Greek food in the world 

By the time all of the retsiba and ouzo was drunk when it solved most of the world’s problems…


I’ll post some pictures here tomorrow when I get some band width…


here’s the resturyant Sirtaki 


and here is my good freind Saki


and his Ouzo


absolutely the best mezes


octopus.. !


broiled fish

Joern !


Sakil and his brother Evnagelos 


Kathrin and Cristoph


sky drinking his maple syrup . 


tale of three tree saps

For now it was so great reconnecting with old friends and new…

to changes !




Night all, night Sam

– Me


long day.. followed by long night.

we all went out to a local christmas market.. I did my best to blend in. 


here’s my posse already a few gluhwein ahead of me when I got there. 


markus shows us how it’s done !

we watched curling for about 15 seconds….. which is longer than I’ve ever watched curling !



then wolfed down a spinatknodel…and kraut.. mmmmm beginning to taste a lot like christmas ! (?????)


Dawn doing her best St Pauli girl imitation 


me in the tree 


afterwards we went to a bar and I Ordered a Tegernseer(a Beer) and got the Tagessuppe (Soup of the day .. here lentil) ..   my colleagues got a great laugh out of my mistake.. I however got delicious lentil soup !

he who laughs last gets soup !

nite all, nite sam