I just realized that i’v ebeen sitting almost the entire day.. I started work at 7:30 (after running) .. and I’m still sitting, working at 9PM.. I took 3 breaks today.. one to sit with Diane and Finn to eat lunch, once to sit (and lie down) in yoga and once o Sit at dinner with yoga friends..

my sitter is tired.. maybe i can sleep on my feet ?


nite all, nite sam





Today we got a real treat.. we got to see Gabe give his end of summer Research review . He won the Robert and Marilyn Woodworth prize to fund his  undergraduate research this summer.. he’s been workign under Dr. Jess HEath on  CALM-AF10 mediated Leukemias. They are looking at two protiens that may contribute to a particuallry dangerous type of ALL Lukemias in kids. We were so proud  watchin gabe present his findings.. he really seems to know his stuff.. he really has learned so much this summer.   Then we got to tour the labs he’s been workign in.. it’s was so cool to see !


This is Dr. Heath.. Gab’es advisor


here are a bunch of cells gabe is cultureing


the rest of the day was crazy busy.. unwound with a walk with the dogs..   ebutiful afternoon over at the river.



ok.. time to sleep.. night all, nite sam



What a great weekend.. did just about nothing !. Today we ran.. and floated in the pool.. and.. hmmm.. not much else.. oh.. we went down town and shopped. I think that was the  sum total of our days activity.. and that suited me perfectly. ˆI cant remember doing less on a weekened f. It’s exaclty what I needed.. it felt like summer camp..

whay arent their summer camps for grown ups anyway ?


nite all. nite sam



theres always a point where the cickadas of deep summre give way to the crickets of late summer.. today we were floatign in the pool and i could here both.


the cickadas reminding us of the 8- degree heat.. the crcikets responding to the cool dry breeze..


I love the return of the crickets because it means cool days coming.. it never needs to be more than 60 degrees for me..

but still i will miss the long slower days of summer.. it’s like this every year.


we had one of those long slow days today.. we went for a hike with deb and the dogs up bolton

we foudn a very sweet swimming hole we’d walked by for years without noticing


we foudn a great split bolder and put a samstone in it


and put one in an orienteerign marker we found deep in the woods


we came across Brit’s freind Phil’s yurt in the woods. Phil wasnt there.. but his beer was thre.. cooling in the stream. I took one and left him 3 bucks and a samstone   hope he doesnt mind !

we finally made it up to the bolton nordic trails which allowed us to figure out where we were


turns ot we were rigjht at the boloton cabin… 



cabins gettign a little sketchy !

\\from there we climbed back up towards the ridge and took the Jake loop back tot he sugar house. I always liek the Jake trail because my parents call(ed) me Jake.


camehome and talked to our freind scott abotu the walkway hes building for us. I love looking at how the rocks fit together.. it reminds me of soem of the shape bashing i did in graduate school.. 


makes me happy to look at it.. also a greta place to lie down and look up at the house.



crazy to see a place youve ived in for 34 years from a completely differnt perspective !


nite all, nite sam