Happy Birthday Diane ! I love you so much..!. You are the best mate a human male type person could ever hope to have. I love you so much.. I respect you so much.. I even like you so much !..


We spent Diane’s  birthday down in Washington DC exploring the town. It was SO much fun hanging out together.. no schedule, no plan..

We took the Metro down to the Mall and just bopped around .


First stop was the Hirschhorn.. it was really wonderful






we even found a few cherry blossoms..


We checked out he museum of the american indian



Then we went to the US botanical gardens (I even took  nap there !)


There was a great exhibit on roots.. look how long these are !!!!

we stopped by to look through a solar telescope.. it hasd a hydrogen alpha filter on it.. check out the coronas



we then took a quick spin through the museum of flight … too many people there for me though.. we headed out pretty quick.. Nice to see the X prize winning SpaceShip One !


then back out on the mall in search of birthday cake !


Past the naval memorial


And finally some cake !


From there.. we took the metro back to rockville…  then a bit later wandered out in search of dinner.. Took this picture of ‘moon over mcdonalds’


We found a great Ethiopian place called she’s.. great vegetarian food !


What a great day…

what a great girl !


I love you so much Diane.. Happy birthday love !


nite all nite sam



Momentous day. Today we sold our 2004 Prius.. we bought it as a salvage car after a flood in 2005 with 14,000 miles,

today it had 109,826 miles as I kissed its hood and said good bye.


This has been a wonder car.. maybe …even a friend for me through these last 10 year. Its helped me navigate.. literally through some of the best and worst times of my life..

My family loved this car.. sam rode in it.. makes it hard to part with in ways I can’t describe..

I’ll never forget the icy drive taking max down to school again shortly after sam died.. we laughed and cried and slid around on the icy roads as we passed cars flipped over on their sides.. this car was never much for ice and snow.. but it has a heart..


The car is in pretty good shape for the  miles it has.. (me too !)  it has some suspension problems that will cost more than its worth to fix.. so nows the time..

last night my buddy jarod came with me as I cleaned the car out at the shop.. we sat in the car and drank some beers and talked..


sams necklace was on the mirror, that was the last thing i took out..


oops .. almost forgot the weird stuff that accumulates in glove compartments.. like a an impression of Gabes  teeth ?!?


today I went by to take the title in.. we’re selling it to a really nice guy.. it will have a nice home..

i sat in the car for 30 min today and cried some.. hard to explain..



then I listened to Neil Young’s ‘Long may you run’ .. a song he wrote for a car he loved and sold..


then.. i got out, kissed it one more time and walked away.. i didn’t look back

i left a samstone hidden in there.. hope they find it


nite all, nite sam


I had my normal geek night tonight. I'm trying to spend every Monday night at the generator working on stuff. Pretty productive night. Had a couple of work calls Which wernt over until 11 and then I hung out with my friend Jared.

Jerry helped me go over and clean out our old Prius. She has almost 210,000 miles and has been a very good car. She has a few structural repairs that may say it's time to sell her.

More on that later. Right now I've got to get some sleep.

Good night from me and satori

Night all night Sam



















Night all


















I swore to not work today.. and it almost worked. I spent a good number of hours trying to figure out a ‘mailbox full’ bprblem.. but other than that.. tried not to think about work. The 8PM call I had tonight was even canceled.. !


I did manage to get outside in the near perfect weather a couple of times. It was in the mid 30’s  and clear blue skies.. we don’t get this pretty of weather often.. so it seems like everyone was outside.. it was hard to go back indoors.


I took a picture of the sky to show that there was nary a cloud.. just infinite blue.. wherever you looked


look at that.. its’ just so perfect. I’m glad that I live under that kinda sky


nite all . nite sam


ps. here’s the view from across the street..we’re blessed to live in such a pretty place.. I’ll feel a little more blessed when the snow finally decided to give up :-)