3AM and I’m still on a phone call. trying to multitask and get these photos posted.

good productive day here in Turkey. got to spend more time with the IBM team which is always good. Did have some email connectivity trouble, which made for the late night…

I got a nice run in after an 8 AM meeting… did the hills around the beautiful residential section near the hotel.. what a climb !

 photo mar1213b002_zps03939502.jpg
 photo mar1213b005_zpscc3a7996.jpg
 photo mar1213b006_zps6dde0113.jpg
 photo mar1213b007_zps515d0bd9.jpg

had a great Lunch meeting with my friend Esra.. It was very good catching up with her. .. she’s awesome.. she used to work on traffic (like me) but now has a new job in the area I’m working on..  we had our meeting while walking around the modern art museum and ate there..  it had an amazing view of the bosphoros.
 photo mar1213b010_zpsba4cc0c2.jpg
 photo mar1213b011_zpsef5384aa.jpg


when I got to the IBM site i was surprised to see riot police with water canon watching a protest.. evidently a long standing one. in front of a nearby business. They hadn’t paid heir employees in 2 years.. pretty tense.. .
 photo mar1213b013_zpsdc402ae3.jpg
 photo mar1213b014_zpsebf60525.jpg

I spent the rest of the day working in the busy 19th floor open office where Nihal and Esra work.. the setting is really nice.. but I could NEVER work in an open office setting like this..i am way too dis tractable.  i couldn’t help listening  every ones phone conversations.. (and I don’t even speak the language)  and kept looking up when new folks walked by.. I know Id drive everyone around me insane as well. I
 photo mar1213b015_zpsbb5bccdd.jpg

we even had some surprise drop by visitors.. !
 photo mar1213b016_zpsf9313d88.jpg

the place was still buzzing when I left at 7PM..

 photo mar1213b028_zps880086bd.jpg

my good freind Reha came by to give me some cool new toys.. he’s given me one of his cellular sensor nodes.. he gave me an assembled one.. and a DIY one.. that’s all surface mount.. how cool is that !!!
 photo mar1213b022_zpsbbab1ab3.jpg
 photo mar1213b023_zps4d3c884f.jpg
 photo mar1213b024_zps358d9d2a.jpg

Reha’s old boss and freind Guseli cam in to say hi, too
 photo mar1213b026_zps668904b0.jpg

around 7:30 i met Zegnap , and Nihal for dinner, We picked up Viktor. (Czech Republic) . then drove down to the Genovise district.. where we met Christina (romania) , Elena (Spain), Guron (Macedonia) , Laura (Poland) for a great  Anatollian meal.

 photo mar1213b031_zps5bc7bcc6.jpg
 photo mar1213b032_zpsc2ae04b4.jpg
 photo mar1213b034_zpsb38a1601.jpg
 photo mar1213b035_zpsfbbd4039.jpg
 photo mar1213b036_zps610ff352.jpg
 photo mar1213b040_zps45bda4e7.jpg
 photo mar1213b042_zpsa29f03ed.jpg
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 photo mar1213b044_zpscc65a8dd.jpg
 photo mar1213b046_zps11a8fb5e.jpg
then we stopped for a Raki overlooking (you guessed it) the bosphorus..

on the way there, they showed me this resturant thats totally dark with blind waitstaff.. interesting !
 photo mar1213b050_zps280c911b.jpg
 photo mar1213b051_zpsbd3f824f.jpg
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 photo mar1213b071_zps033cb78c.jpg
 photo mar1213b072_zpsbdc72895.jpg
 photo mar1213b073_zpsdef615e9.jpg

now its really late.. I love this country.. i love the people..

thanks so much Turkey..


nite all, nite sam


Greetings form the city that spans continents.. Once again I’m up too late trying to do a full day of work here and a full day of work at home.  Last night I ended up working late at ibm then taking the subway back to the hotel . I ended up going to a grocery store and buying stuff to eat in my room so I could work.. it was delicious !

It was a very good day today ..I was so happy to wake up to the news of the election. I know that you’re not supposed to discuss religion or politics publicly.. but I’m very happy with the result.

It was also a very good work day. I gave a  talk and had interviews and talked to clients…. I got to meet some absolutely awesome folks. The Turkish people are so warm and friendly and fun.. and this city is really beautiful .  The meeting today was in a cool rebuilt palace of one of the sultans.. It was right on the Bosporus and looked out over the river with a view of the Asian continent right across the water.   The castle burned down in the early 20th century.. but was rebuild in th 80’s.. only the ornate marble Turkish baths survived (pictures in here somewhere) .

After the meeting we went to  a great fish restaurant on the river with a gorgeous view of the bridge..

As beautiful as this place  is.. the Turkish internet providers are blocking the photobucket site I use to post pictures.. I’m going to try and post them from my phone.. but if that doesn’t work.. I’ll have to upload them tomorrow..

for now.. time for sleep..

nite all, nite sam