Gabe had a LAX game at 8 this morning. it was … of course.. raining/sleeting and freezing.. .Even so, we love watching him play. We got home around 10 to find snow in the yard.. again..   Ah. spring…

Weather not withstanding, I decided to get into the spirit of the season by doing some spring cleaning.. My lab had gotten to a point of impossibility and impassibility .. I had 3 biggish projects goign on in there and it was getting impossible to move in there.. let alone find anything..    And as someone once said (and I think it was me)  man’s laboratory is an external presentation of his internal state of mind.. so.. cleaning was cathartic and calming..    Here’s before

and here’s after.. I realize not perfect but everythign more or less in place..  and there are at least channels to navigate through the mess..  I now feel like a better person.

THis afternoon Chris C. came over and we worked on his sculpture.. it’s a strange and wonderful piece. that’s motion activated.. No pictures here until next week..

Then Diane and I went over to visit with Dylan’s family.. They’re just back from a week in Florida. They’d scheduled the trip before Dylan died.. then decided to go anyway. I think it was a good thing for them. It was very good seeing them again.. We took Thai food over and talked for a couple of hours. I think in these first few weeks and months it’s important just to be there for them. It’s easy to talk to them. first because they’re nice folks.. and second because we have this awful shared experience.. We talked about all of our kids.. not just sam and dylan. It’s good tor all of us to talk and listen to each other..  this is going to be a long road..

OK.. batteries goign.. so I’ll sign off now..

nite everyone.. nite sam


Today was wet and overcast outside.. so it was a good day for spring cleaning.. at least for Diane. She bravely decided to attack my closet, the top three shelves of which have become a collection point for years of untouched photos, papers, and other stuff. Like any pile of old stuff around the house, this one is full of memories.. I have to admit, I still find doing this very hard.. but Diane is much stronger about such things..

Some of the stuff was Sam’s.. in fact, most of it was.. it was great .. and hard.. to see again..

Some was just piles of school papers .. what do do with them ? Are they precious.. or are they trash..?I guess we can’t keep this all. Diane went through and picked out some good writing and art pieces.. the rest .. I don’t know.. maybe we’ll burn ? or recycle.. I went through and looked at them for a long time last night.. I didn’t know what I felt..   In the end, it’s just lab reports and Spanish worksheets.. Sam’s not there.. it’s OK to recycle them now..  i guess

One cool find: Diane just found a $10 bill stuck in a birth congratulations letter abut Gabe’s birth..

Diane continued to plow through the stuff while I did our taxes.. Mid day we both had to get outside.. we strapped on our snowshoes and went out in the mucky melting snow.. it felt good to be outside.

Spring is coming.. time to clean.. time to renew.. time to keep moving…

night all, nite sam.. good to see your stuff