Education Outreach links

My Mission:

My personal mission is to make science, technology, engineering and math  (STEM) fun and real to as many people as possible.

My History

I have been doing education outreach in one for or another for about 25 years. I began by volunteering in my kids’ schools.. From there I started spreading out across my region, then around the US.. more recently I do work anywhere in the world that will have me. My love of outreach is what lead me to participate in the Discovery Channel’s  science reality show “The Colony“. I dedicate all of my outreach work to my kids..

The Opportunity

I believe that we’re facing a wonderful opportunity right now. The challenges we face  as a civilization around energy, climate and sustainability  are a perfect call to action for the next generation of STEM graduates. The role of science and technology in addressing these challenges are well understood by kids, parents and teachers around the world.  Thought this transition is just beginning, I predict that  kids will begin to see STEM careers as a way of making a good living in a way that is both meaningful and important. I see this becoming the the most compelling motivator  since the space race events that spurred my generation to take on STEM careers.

Here are some resources, talks and media I’ve done in the past several years around these ideas. I’m always collecting new input. If you have content, or links you’d like to share, please send them to me. Thanks !