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Here is a list of Education Outreach resources I’ve found helpful. This is linked to my Delicious tag list, so it is updated frequently

Outreach Career Info


Outreach Activities


Outreach Competition


Outreach Demos


Outreach Resources


Outreach Media Coverage




One Response to “Resources”

  1. Andrew Seward says:

    John, it was great to re-connect with you at the BEP. I wanted to encourage you to join our New linked in group but was not sure what email you wanted to use. Once you join I’t would be great if you could post a link to this page.

    Here are a few resources you might want to include:

    Teacher2Teacher –
    Technology Integration in Education-
    Watch Know –

    I am also look forward to being able to give you feedback from the BEP event – you can see my contact details on my web site –

    Thanks Andy