It’s Erev Yom Kippur, the night before Yom Kippur.. the big daddy of all Jewish holidays.. Tomorrow yidllach everywhere will blow off work and go without food and drink. All in the name of atoning for the stuff you did last year and planning better for the next..

I just had a 6 hour drive back to Vermont tonight which gave me some prime atoning time.. Generally you try to think of how you might have wronged others.. .. but last night I was thinking that ‘d been too hard  on myself regularly.. maybe that sounds self serving.. but I don’t mean it that way.. anyway.. at least I know what I mean.

One other tradition is to apologize to  anyone you may have wronged and to ask for their forgiveness.. so…..if I done you wrong.. i really do apologize .   I wonder if the talmud has anything on the validity of atonement by social networking..

always breaking new ground here.

nite all, nite sam..


Tonight is Erev Yom Kippur.. the night before the holiest day of the jewish calendar.. most years in the past I would have spent it in temple chanting  in a language I barly know.. considering my own shortcomings for the year past.. That doesn’t make as much sense to me these days as it used to.. Oh.. I still have the shortcomings.. but I think I prefer to think of them myself.. in a language I clearly understand..

Instead of  chanting in shul .. we served dinner to 21 folks  most of whom are staying in our house tonight. Max brought 11 of his friends in from NY (they rented a van).. and the Townsends are back from Canada..

My mom brought her dad’s military band uniform for Max.. here are Max and Gabe trying on their great grandfathers uniform.. so cool.. though I never met him (his name was Max, too) .. I now Iknow how big he was (not very)

even grand  doggie Reptar coem up from NY

It’s such a blessing having my family here and friends  in the house.. it’s a religious experience in its own right.

TOmorrow I’ll fast as will everyone in my culture.. then another feat tomorrow.. I’ll try to make some time to consider those sins.. I’m sure I have some worth considering..  It’s the day when you ask forgivenss  for those sins.. you ask forgiveness of your self .. and of those you may have wronged..

If I’ve done anything to offend any of you this past year.. I apologize..

next week starts the new year.. time for a new and better start..

nite all, nite sam