Today was a very low key Mother’s Day..  My mind is very much on My Mom who’s spending her first day at home alone since everyone left after Dad’s memorial … We love you Ma !

After all the emotions of the last two week it was nice to just hang around a bit  we took a run with the dogs, and did soem much need chores around the house and garden. . It was pretty cool to find that the mulch pile is still a  rock-hard solid block of ice once you get a foot or so in to it.. That was a cold winter.

our one venture out today was to Tim and Jen’s lake house for Brit’s graduation party.. She’s a Nurse !!. It was great seeing everyone. Deb had made a Greek feast. it was really nice !Sunday night - Mothers Day

Sunday night - Mothers Day

Sunday night - Mothers Day

The water was a brisk 41 degrees. Gabe, Tim, Matt and I jumped in just for fun. It was quote a bit warmer than the Huntington River !

Sunday night - Mothers Day

Sunday night - Mothers Day

I]m pleased to say that was all there was to today.. I’m Igrateful for that.

nite all. nite sam


Happy mothers day all you moms out there.. I know it’s one of those hallmark greeting card inspired holidays.. but we like telling Diane. Judy and Marcia.. and all the other moms  how much we love them .. (We do !!!!)

We started the day with a run.. then all the kids woke up.. around  10..

We made  a big breakfast of fruit crepes…


and of course, sam was there in spirit.  Like on every holiday, we light one of sams lanterns to honor him and invite him into our day.   Many folks have asked me how days like mothers and fathers day feel to us now.. well.. honestly.. they’re like every other day.. a mix of happiness and sadness… really no different except on days like this.. everyone else remembers .. and we appreciate their thoguths today.. as we appreciate them every day..


Then it was outside for gifts.. as in all years in recent history.. Diane likes plants for mothers day.. The soil is warm enough to work .. the last frost is either past.. or nearly past.. time to plant !

this year we got diane a bunch of annuals and a hyacinth.. We planted it along with a samstone to make it grow..

we also cleared the front garden as well as the  the strawberry and raspberry patches

in the end we were outsid enearly all day with our hands in the dirt.. it was a great way to celebrate mothers day !