I had an incredible, wonderful and exhausting day in Guadalajara today.. we started about 8.. Selene picked Emily and me up at the hotel and took us to the IBM site..


We meat with Eugenio, the site director.. such a cool guy.. the spittin image of the Dos Eguis ‘most interesting man in teh world


Selene is 4′ 11″ ..but today she wore heels.. she was nearly 8 feet tall..


Selene and eugenio intereoduced the meeting while I praid to the gods of powerpoint as I figured out what I was going to say

I said something.. I don’t remember what.. but it seemed to go ok..

the rest of the day was abotu hugging ew people and taign pictrures of them as they took pictures of me.. not a bad way to spend the day as I got to talk to each of them.. what a GREAT group of people here.. so smart and optimistic.. it is really inspiring to be around folks who are so ‘up’ about their work !


We also got to meet with the site managmenet team.. fun in a very differnt way.. hwre’s a picture of eugenio workig.. he wants it as proof to his boss that he was workign hard ūüôā (I can tell that he always works hard.. he’s a great supporter of the folks in the lab.. what an awesome guy !)

Here’s his private gardon.. it was such a peaceful place

here’s the site management team looking very manegerial.. a very good group of folks we had a very good and interesting converdation.. though it wasn’t the conversation that either side thought we’d be having..


I also had some really good roundtables.. A freind even drew my picture !!!.. how cool is that ?!?!?!?

then we piled in the car and went to the airport for the floght to mexico city.. our fligth was late.. and it then occured to me that I hadn’t made a real plan with Diane here we were supposed to meet..


I was thinkign abotu to do next when my love just appeared out of thin ir in one of the worlds bussiest airports.. that’s when you know you’re made for one another !¬† Here she is with Gorge and his family..


ok.. it’s very late and I need to sleep a little. more tomorrow..

buenas noches all,buenas noches sam




Greetings from Guradalajara.. before I talk about my day.. you just gotta check out this video that Max just put up on vimeo..

He was practicing timelapse photography on his new camera while he was home last week.. the results are pretty cool..


Zone/Home from Maxwell Cohn on Vimeo.


now.. my day was pretty good.. woke up very early to make it to the airport by 5am.. i wasn’ tthe only one there.. look how crawded it was at 5am.

m yflghts went burlignton to Detroit to Monterey to Gudalajara  no it went somothly after the tsa let me board my flight.. evidently soemthing I had on me made the machine think I had notroglycerin on me.. never did figure that out.


Here’s central Mexico from the plane



got a samstone placed at onterey eirport.

got to gudalajara.. taxi’d to my hpotel and went out for a run.. I new it was a nice city when one of the streets had dianes name

is spent soem time running around checking things out..


cooll trees cut like all osrts of stuff..

interesting mix of the modern and old.. the hyper and bypo  aesthetic

many vw’s still running proud here.. I understand that there’s a factory making them¬† nearby

most houses have some sort of solar hot water heating..

i ran by this meat cart outside the hotel.. smelled good.. but NO THANKS !


the view from my hotel room..

around six my friend selene and her husband fransisco cae to meet and take me out to dionner..

it was so great getting to talk to selene and gettign to meet fransiso more

After a snack we drove to the airport and picked up our freind emily who’s down from NY..

then ewe all went out toe Sante Cayote.. a very cool Mexican .. resturaunt


(oops just fell asleep for 30 min therel Time to shut don for the night)

making their own salsa fresh for each table

got soem snaps of the gang..

ok.. mus sleep.. more  tomorrow


nite all, nite sam