I had dinner with max tonight.. which was such a wonderful pleasure.. There’s nothing like talking to an an adult son.  he is so much his own person.. a wonderful. thoughtful and compassionate guy. We spent the evening easting sushi, drinking saki, drinking beer and working on our two lives as only tow folks with common genes can.. we’re so the same yet so different..

We came up with a concept tat seemed so right and prescient to both of our lives.. It s  variant of something that Danie has taught us both. She often reminds me that folks either   come from ‘fear’ or from ‘love’. that’s true.. Mac and I figured out that there is an orthogonal axis.. that forms a basis set.. where the eigenvalues are love and strength


We determined that all human behavior could be put on that axis.. we tested it by putting individuals and their actions on that graph.. and it seemed to hold….
including us and our love ones.. Strength + love was compassionate leadership. strength + fear was bullying. weakness + love was dependency and weakness +  fear was victim hood..

This was incredibly important to me as I think about my work.. these days and my relationship to it..

ok.. typing this .. I realize what I’m saying here might not make perfect sense.. but drinking beer ll night with your oldestson, whom you love deeply. i ample excuse for that.. don’t you think ?

nite all, nite sam


here’s a question… .. how many things do you like doing that your good at ? … vs thing you like… and are not good at.. or are no good at and like.. or.. neither like nor are good at. This thought has been rolling around in my mind for the last couple of weeks I call it ‘the matrix’ . I’ a huge believer that people excel in things they both like doing and are good at.. but often get dragged into things they’re good at.. .but don’t like doing…  Sometimes you end up int the ‘not good at side’.. and then it’s time to quit and restart (see last nights blog)…   So … my goal for this week is to fill this in.. .. any suggestions ?

night all.. nite sam