Good day today but feeling somewhat blue anyway. I think holidays still ( or will always) come with a fair bit of sadness. We had a great brunch with friends in the morning . Then our good friends Kevin and Betsy dropped by with their daughter Megan who’s checking out uvm. We spent a great afternoon catching up with them… Then we took a good walk showing them around downtown.
Now I’m trying to hear back up for the work week and I’m having a load of technical trouble with my laptop. I wasn’t able to blog on it hence this short post from my phone.

I think my jet lag is catching up with me so I better sign off. Hope everyone had a good holiday

Nite all, nite Sam

Happy Easter folks .. It was a good day.. Like all holidays..there’s a streak of sadness for missing Sam.. We lit Sam’s lantern.. then got right into the candy..

As we did.. I read one of my favorite stories about Easter out loud to the kids.. It’s called The Rabbit of Easter by David Sedaris.. a bit sacrilegious.. but that’s why I like it..

The bunny.. or the bell.. depends on your tradition according to sedaris.. left stuff for gabe, ian and matt.. .. a basket.. and a bunch of eggs..

The hunt was wild and fast.. soon all the eggs were collected.

There were a few surprises.. in addition to the normal candy.. that waskaly wabbit had also thrown in some broccoli.  (now who would have done something like that ? )

also a few nuts and bolts..

and even some dog food for the girls..

Afterwards,ian made us a delicious spanish omlette which we ate outside it was in the 50’s finally..   I think it might even have hit 60 today !.

we took advantage of the warmish weather to clan the yard. The boys brought down a large limb that was shading  one of Diane’s gardens..

and we got rid oa ton of scrap wood by hauling and burning.. Some however got morphed into a new goalie for Gabe’s practice net..

nice, nice day..

time for bed.. happy easter folks, happy easter sam