Happy Pi day everyone.. March 14th == 3.14  the geekiest  day of the year.!

Geeks everywhere are celebrating by shining their slide rules .. I know my work neighbors had a big Pi(e) celebration in the cafeteria.. but I was traveling back to the states..    You know.. i should take this more seriously now. I was thinking about it yesterday how much I’ve grown to be the nerd I always dreamed of being. The hobbies, the look, the poor social skills. …the whole stereotype !.  Its only a very happy accident of fate that has equated being nerdy with being cool again.. where would I be if hat hadn’t happened ?

This week in Turkey I met with many other wonderful  nerds and geeks at work.. one of them pointed me at the Geek Test . Its an online test of just how geeky you are.. I noticed a sec ago that it’s even been updated for Pi day.. how geeky is that ?  It’s many pages long.. so give yourself a good 20 minutes to do it..


Anyway..   the fine folks in IBM Turkey asked me to take the test and submit the results.. I came in with a score OF 60.51661 % .. a solid “extreme geek”.. I actually would have done “better”.. but Im not into sci-fi, video games or RPGS… actually.. with those three strikes against me, I should be proud of having any geek cred..  I did score bi on electronic gadgets, peculiar interests, anti social habits , .


I’d be interested in hearing what you, gentle reader, score on this test.. i suspect that there are some Geek G-ds lurking out there..  please try it and let me know !


anyway.. happy Pi day everyone !

nite all, nite sam




Happy Pi Day everyone..it celibrated every year on 3/14 .. I was lucky enough to be in yorktown and freind renda offered me my choice of pies. Diane made gabe a pizza pie at home. I hope you found a suitably transcendental way of celebrating the day..


I did.. I had a couple of good meeting in the the morning. then over lunch, I did a jolts and vots shoe for my buddy grant at his school in CT>. His dad took a few pics here


Then I headed back to watson for a few more very good meetings.. Afterwards I cruised the halls and caught up with a few freinds who were still there late (7pm). Ruchir wasn’t  there so I dropped by to say hi to his family. I got there just as Anika was finishing off her leprechaun trap for school . She even gave me a demo


Rashi made some yummy dossas.. served with Golgapa juice.. Honestly.. I got so sick once eating golgopa from a street vendor  in Delhi (I know better now)  that I can’t really go near the stuff anymore.. even though it’s pretty tasty.



I brought the Tesla coil in to show Isha and Anika .. they looked pretty funny taking pictures of it.. they were more fun than the lightening


We finished the night by looking at Jupiter’s moons. Jupiter and Venus are near each other in the sky these past several nights.. very beautiful



OK.. time for sleep.. more tomorrow. Happy Pi Day folks !

nite all, nite sam




ps. Happy 50th Birthday to good freind Larry P ! You don’t look a day over 49 !