Suddenly quiet after a really nice pre- Winter Ball Banquet at our house. Gabe and Kristen and 7 other couples met here before heading off to the Sheraton for the ball. What a great group of kids.. We took real pictures on the other camera.. I’ll have to share those later.. here are the ones I caught with my phone..


The kids looked sharp !

the paparazzi were out..

It was a real Vermont scene watching them all change from their shiny shoes and heels into mud boots to handle our sloppy driveway. It’s 45 degrees out.. which is about 30 degrees warmer than it should be this time of year.

Now they’re out dancing.. and we’re off to read in bed… and we’re all doing just what we love on a saturday night.. vive le differance ..

nite all, nite sam

ps. Max sent us a picture of his latest project.. meet the enlightened Buddha !

We’re now in the center of winter.. it’s one of my favorite times of the year.. cold and unpredictable..   Folks get more resourceful about finding things to do during this part of the year in order to protect their sanity.   I think that’s why MMU and several other high schools held their winter balls last night. Gabe went with Kristin and a bunch of other friends..  They all dressed their best.. the theme was ‘candyland’ (don’t you wish all days had themes ?).. Gabe decided to go in white tux with red accents.. and he made it look good

He even worked out some ‘underglow’ with a red LED and a magnet..  nice accent . 

the kids all looked great.. here are Kristin and Gabe, Katy and Marcello and Madison and Logan

Kristin looked great !

It sounded like they all  had a great time last night.. ,, a night which ended up with about 2 hours of sleep.. Gabe was pretty groggy when we woke him up, strapped on his board and pushed hi down the mountain for the USASA slope style competition at Bolton.. It was a lonnnnng day.. about 90 folks competing.. 9 in gabe’s age range..

Hannah and Dave came up to the montain to let Adah practice on her skis.. Diane and I watche Senyah  while they rode.. SOmehow I managed to compeltely miss getting a picture of Dave or Senyah.. but here are Hannah and Adah.. both looking cute !

Gabe had a very good first run .. good enough to get him 2nd place in the competition.   He was so beat by the end of the day.. we were all glad to get home..

OK.. I have a really busy week coming up.. I better get soem sleep.. happy mid winter to you all..

Nite everybody, nite sam