Happy Fathers day folks. Just been talking to my dad.. the guy who taught me how it’s done.  Also want to send a shout out to my Father in law Gabe.. the man who taught me the importance of English measure in the machine shop.

This fathering thing is good work. I really enjoy it. I’m not sure how good I am at it.. but it the job i enjoy most in life. This is what it’s all about.I’m proud ot be the papa of three great boys.. I’m so proud of them all.. .



We had a pretty low key fathers day here.. the big event was moving a piano.. We’re making a family TV room.. (aka ‘man cave’) downstairs and the piano had to move.. We rented a piano dolly which was actually fun to use..










IMG_0860 IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0866 IMG_0867


With the piano out of the way.. we had   to try out the new room ..  Gabe and I did the best thing we knew to consecrate the room.. We watched the most heartwarming and educational thing we could think of: . Trailer Park poys. Season4.. Episode ‘Conky’..IMG_0872



Hope All you dads out there  had a similarly satisfactory day !

Hapy fathers day Ya’ll

nite all, nite sam


Today was Max’s 24th birthday. Max, Jac, David and Bridget are up here visiting which made it really special.
Max, you are such a great person.. we are very proud of you and love having you in our lives !..



What a great way to celebrate Fathers day having Max up here … and a quick shout out to my dad Hugh and Dianes’ dad Gabe.. We love you both !   Fathers day has never been a big deal for me..  though I do appreciate the several folks who checked in on me today..


Maxs birthday wish was to start the day with a Yoga class from Diane..

Then we had a great brunch with Diane’s homemade sourdough bagels. Yum.

After breakfast we headed u[p the Catamount trail for a dip in the stream up there.. It was freezing and clear as usual..

We had dinner around 9.. then birthday Rhubarb pie with Ben and Jerry’s that Gabe brought home from his second day of working there.

Max lit the Sam candle before blowing out the candles on his pie


I gave max 5 meters of RGB LED strip and an arduino which I know he’s going to like having

we also gave Max a funny present .. Last week when I went to Kenya I went with my freinds David and Karen  to a farm that took care of orphan baby elephants and rhinos / I’d found an adolescent orphan Rhino named Maxwell  We decided to sponsor him in Max’s honor.. Here’s max looking at the sponsorship docs

And here’s Maxwell.. He’s a BIG baby.. !I could have reached out and petted him.. but I was told that he could take off a finger wiht no trouble.. so I kept my hands outside of his paddock.. But it was still pretty cool only being about 2 feet away from him.

So.. it was a really great day.. now it’s 1:30 AM.. better get soem sleep.. I’m still kind of jet lagged..


Happy birthday Max !> We love you very much


and happy fathers day all you dads out there !


nite all, nite sam


today is on of those days that I’m supposed to dread.. and I have for sevral of the last few years.. but today.. I just didn’t seem to mind as much.  had the same mix of happy and sad memories .. plus general spacing out that I have on most days since Sam’s passing..


I did  get to talk to my dad today and wish him a happy birthday (love you pa).. I also want to send my love and fathers day greetings ot my father in law gabe. brother Billy and brother in law John.. and all you other dad’s out there.. LOVE YOU ALL ! Dad-power !


The big outing today was with Jim, Sue, Dustin and Dannie peters. This is their first Fathers day since Dylan died.. and it’s was a tough one for them. those first weeks, months and years are so very tough. It was good hanging out with them. Our two families went for a bike ride on the stowe rec path..except for me, actually,  My knees don’t take to bike riding.. so I just ran.. They went 9 miles and I went 6.. a beautiful day .the path was crowded which made for good people watching. We all met back up at the Mat shop for lunch and ice cream..

Here’s Gabe through my iced tea glass..

Gabe gave Jim a really nice homemade fathers day preasant.. he made Dylan’s initials ‘DP’ in a sandwich of copper and brass.. he’d worked hard on it.. and I could tell jim was touched..


We said goodbye to the peters.. it was very good to be with them.. even though we’re sharing such sadness…


On the way home we took a nostalgic stop at the waterbury flea market.. it was closing up.. just a few stands were still open.. but it brought back warm memories of taking the three kids there nearly every weekend in the summer.

I remember Sam always wanting to buy athe biggest baddest knife he could find… (no sam.. not today 🙂


We got home around 4.. Given that I could do anything I wanted on fathers day.. I wanted to build/fix something with my family. Diane and I got out early and I got parts to repair a fountain the kids had once given Diane for mothers day.. Diane and Gabe helped me rebuild it. It was a funny build.. metal, wood, plastic.. but one part  involved cutting some steel braces..


I marked the hol positions with pen.. then I noticed the progression of expressions they seemed to carry…

ending on kindof a cute and hopeful halfsmile

Later tonight, Gabe gave me a present. too it was  .. a necklace he’d made witht he letters ‘MSG’ (max, sam gabe) which he’d hand cut out in sliver.. I’m wearing it now.. it’s really beautiful. it means so much to me !

ok.. time to sleep.. more tomorow..


nite all, nite sam