Just back from the south end art hop.. i think it’s the 20th one, actually. This is the first time in a couple of years that I didn’t have anything to show there.. it felt both weird and good to be able to walk around looking at people instead f stuck at some display.. I say looking at people because, now that I think if it… i didn’t see any art.. We didn’t go in a single exhibit.. i just walked around and saw folks I knew.. which was fun,

  Diane’s away at an event..  .. so i met up with some other friends . i walked around with Ellen , Deb and Brit.. we then ran into my friend shawn from work.. together we spent about 4 hours walking up and down pine street.



I was proud of Colin for showing off his new steam punk Tesla coil.. pretty snazzy !

I watched ht glass blowers for a bit..

we stopped for some free ben and jerry’s !

towards the end of the evening, we all stopped for pizza and salad.. yum !

there was a great band playing there called future wave.. the band lead Luke came over and gave me one of their CD’s.. it was really good.. all  themed after ‘back to the future’  I now have a song called ‘flux capacitor’ !


i ran into so many friends .. here’s Hilary and friends .


it was a great night. now Im too tired to think anymore.. gotta get some sleep.


nite all. nite sam


Just home form the Burlington Art Hop.. It’s a great city-wide happening when all sorts of folks come out to see all sorts of art. Diane and I got down there a little before 6. First stop was to see friend Chris’ opening at the Flynn Dog. He has some really great steampunk pieces. They are just so beautiful.. I’m so proud of chris.. I helped him a little by adding sound effects to the sub.. and gabe helped make some of the seaweed pieces..

My firend Kates stuff was in the same gallery space.

THen we drove back up the street to see the Vermont Makers.. Along the way we ran into so many old freinds. Here’s Urion , his borthe rand friends. Urion was in Sam’s band . he’s an awseom kid an awesome musician

there was music on pine street at several venues.. including right across from our Vermont makers space.

the stores were decked out as gallery’s too. here’s my favorite lighting store.

some guys out back doing glass blowing.

with soem great stained glass next door

our maker compound had soem great stuff. Jenn was there with her arduion baloon project, eric had lots of cool light bling, Steve had his qudcopter and colin brought the UVM light thingy..  We had a steady stream of folks com through all night.. we were letting them know about the Champlain Makers Faire  and the Vermont Makers meetups. i think we got soem good new recruits !

I also had my hoop there.. kids were playing  with it all night..

another nice lady came by with a commercial light up hoop somewhat like mine.. her’s was really nice.. .and it was cool to compare feeatures. Hers cost 370$ (Yow !)

Last stop was pine street studio to see yolk and friends. .. And I got to see the site of the possible Burlignton fablab.. space is great , needs work, but i saw the potential. Mayor Miro was there too and he even tried the hoop !

(sorry, didn’t get a picture of that 🙂

we live in such a hip state.. I love it.

OK.. I’m so exhausted.. More tomorrow.

night all, night sam


TGIF !.. for some reason the week dragged on.. but .. i had my share of fun this week.

As I left this morning for work,  Deb, Diane. and Jen were hard at work on a catering job Deb is doing.. they were still chopping in their little chef’s hats when I got home at 6pm.. lots of yummy food around the house.. the place smells great !

I had a busy day at work..today.. The high point was presenting remotely to about 200 folks in our Hortlandia command center in Brazil. This was about 100km from where I vistied a couple of weeks back. It’ snever as much fun talkign to people remotely as it is being there in person.. but we made it work. once again I was blown away with teh warmth and freindliness and overall awesomeness of the brazillian people. The calor humano came all the way through the phoen lines. I even had a camera in the command center I could steer around so I could see the folks there..

I know I talked to long.. but I really loved the questions.. I need to get back down there and visit soon. I love brazil !!!!


I got home around 6.. to find the girls still chipping away.. Gabe and Kristin wanted to go to the Art Hop.. so we piled back in the car and drove downtown to soak up some culture !.   The art hop has been going on for years here in the south end of Burlington..It was really great.. I saw a ton of folks I new.. and saw some really great art.. They had music..

and food

SOme of my favorite stuff was in the Soda Plant an art space collective.. really cool stuff.

if you know who this is .. then you have great taste in TV (I love bubbles !)


my freind John had two really nice hollograms there

among all the folks I ran into .. Sandy and Michael were the oldest friends I saw.. I’ve known Sandy for more than 40 years.. we grew up together in Houston.. I used to come up to visit her when I was going to school in Boston.. and that’s how I fell in love with Vermont. It was great seeing them !

OK.. i’m getting so sleepy.. and tomorrows an early day.. more then

nite all, nite sam