Ahh.. it’s not quite midnight and I’m back home after a quick day and a half trip down to armonk. It was my areas quarterly leadership mtg.. and once again I enjoyed it immensely. I’m still feeling very much like ‘the new guy’ in my new-ish job..  still trying to figure out the orgs, who’s who, who does what.. I do like them all very much.. and I’m really impressed with how much they know.. and how much they care about their jobs.  It’s also very good for my brain having to find my place in a new group after being so long in my previous gig. .  I do miss my old org too..

We all stayed at the ibm learning center again.. long time readers will recognize that the ILC is my favorite hotel on the planet. It was covered by a thick blanket of new snow. On my run this morning, I startled this small deer. He dove off the road into the deep snow and got sort of stuck. I stopped and explained to him that I meant him no harm and kept running.. I hope he dug his way back to the road after I passed.

It was a long and very interesting day at the meeting.. can’t go into it here. I was glad I attended… I also was sad to have missed another meeting back in Burlington..  I wanted to be both places.

The high point of the trip was driving down and back with three freinds, Jim , Dale and Dave.. Jim drove the entrire way in both directions which I greatly appreciate..

On the way home we stopped for a few min to look at the time cycle.. It’s there in the background though you cant see it in this picture..

OK.. I cant keep my eyes open any more.. gotta sleep. More tomorrow

nite all, nite sam


Greetings from my tiny cell at the IBM hotel in Armonk NY. This is my favorite hotel in the world. The rooms are tiny.. 10 feet by 15.. I just measured. The rooms are functional, small and spare. one of the walls in each room is made of stone. Everything has a minimalist utilitarian design.. It says..’you come here to work.. not to play.. not to rest’. There;’s a scratchy bathrobe hanging on the bathroom door. You’re supposed to put that on while you work. it’s your hair shirt. your penance.. for not working harder. The whole place  reminds my of a medieval monastery.. a hundred people.. all f the IBM employees, scribbling in their journals.. typing in their laptops.. slaving over whatever they need to present tomorrow.. like me..

It’s purifying, really.. to work in this small cell.. knowing that 10 rooms on either side are doing the same thing. I feel like knocking on all their doors and asking them to come out for a midnight game of ping-pong.. ut then, I don’t like ping pong.. and I suspect they don’t either…

We’re all kindered here..  .. it’s kind of sweet and sad …

gnite all. nite sam