Our friend Deb is on TV !… WCAX did a really nice piece on Douglas Sweets, Deb’s  Scottish shortbread company today, It’s so exciting to see her get this exposure.


We’ve been watching Deb grow this business for the last two and half years.. and have been very happy to be part of her taste testers :-). These are really, really  good cookies..   I love the chocolate dipped ones.. .. I also love how Deb is already doing giveback even as she grows the business. She’s been a big support of the Sam Cohn Foundation we use to support Kids here in Vermont .. She even made a special product called Sam Scones.. that come with a SamStone inside

We’re really proud of you Deb !


Hmmm the only other noteworthy thing that happened today was that I gave a Jolts and Volts show at the Governors Institute  Engineering program tonight. So Fun .. really great group of kids this year… Here are a few scenes from the evening..


a little fun shocking chains of students.


After the show we all went outside for a little craziness…


then a short demo fo the laser cuter..



a really great night.. and proud of my friend Anne for leading her first GIV program !.. Go Anne !


OK.. time for bed..

nite all. nite sam



In keeping with the food theme of yesterday.. we had another sweet evening.. Diane was up helping Deb  with her new Shortbread business ‘Douglas Sweets’ . Deb makes the best shortbread in the world..She has plan, chocolate dipped, jam filled, lemon flavored, peppermint..   Really yummy and made from good stuff. most of it from here in Vermont, . Deb was up there cooking since 7am.. Diane joined her midday..   Gabe and I went up there around 6 to sample the wares and have one of Deb’s wonderful dinners.

Sitting around the table in Deb’s up on the mountain reminded me of all those days where we’d gather Deb’s house after Sam died..   that was where we went to be surrounded by our ‘winter friends’..   tons of kids on skis and snowboards, great food and lots of wine..

hose memories are coming back stronger with each passing day .. Monday marks the fifth year since Sam’s death.. and each day brings me some new memory..

it might have been 5 years ago today that I saw him for the last time… .. I’e been crying alot.. and it feels good to let it out.. each year is a little different .. and I know better than to try and predict what this one will be like.

we miss you sam…

nite all,  nite sam