It’s 32 degrees and snowing. Finally winter arrives in time for May. Gabe’s team had a lacrosse game about 45 minutes away in barre today. It freezing , snowing with gale force winds . I finally was glad to have my down coat on this year !




The excitement of the game was the only thing keeping us warm. The game was tied at the end, then our boys scored on the final 2 seconds of overtime. My heart is still beating hard !/em>

Ok. Only 10pm but i just Gotta sleep
More tomorrow

Note all, nite sam

After a quiet night last night, Diane and I woke early to snow !.. not lots.. but enough to hike through it with tim and his dogs. It was so peaceful . We put up the storm windows this weekend.. and the outside sounds are now muted.. i just love this time of year..  It was a quiet and fun day all around.. a nice contrast to the difficult time I’m having at work.  We got to hang out with friends all day.. nice.



. I began the weekend by cleaning (sort-of) my lab.. at least i can now walk through there..


I have a couple of fun projects going.. I’m doing lots with lights. with some help from Max remotely.. and homer locally ..



I’ve also been doing soem welding with Gabe. here he is finishing up the legs for a set of two tables we’re helping Deb build. Gabe’s gettign to be a very able welder.. .. very porud of these kids.. they’re both really good makers.



ooops. I forgot that I gotta watch where those sparks go..   I managed to almost light the place on fire when sparks hit this piece of paper..


Another milestone .. with Scott’s major help. we’ve been able to rehabilititate my soldid state tesla coil I had it working very well this summer.. but then an unfortunate primary strike zorched all the elctronics.. Scott helped me rebuild it.. with some more enhancements for robustness.. I finally sparked it up at home again.. so far.. so good. Thanks so much Scott !!!!!

OK.. gotta sleep now.. more tomorrow..
nite all, nite sam