Tuesday night – out of gas

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Greetings from i91 south. Just about to cross the massachusetts / Connecticut border. Max, Dave’s and I are driving down to the boat , then I’m off tomorrow morning to points south. It’s been so great having max and his friends around this weekend… And it’s a rare treat to have this time it he car with him .. He’s driving which makes typing a little easier :-).
The one incident that has made this trip a little unusual is… (should I admit this ?) ok.. So, we ran out of gas… No good excuse.. Max was driving.. I didn’t think to fill up the car, nor did Max, nor did Dave… We were in the middle of no where on I 91 near Pitney vt… About 5 miles either way to an exit. I wasn’t really in a good position to get mad .. I did the same thing last year when driving between NY and Boston. We had a good hour to stew about our mistake until John from progressive showed up.. (thank you John)


So.. Why would I publicly admit such a boneheaded collective mistake ? I’m wondering that myself… I think this is a public apology for all the folks that I inconvenience with my lateness and forgetfulness . This time it was just us that were inconvenienced . I’m better thn I used to be, but it still happens.. Each time it does, I beat myself up and swear not to do it again..then I screw up again.. Maybe I/we don’t beat myself/ourselves up enough ? Anyway.. That’s been the topic of conversation on this drive.. We’re still feeling stupid

Anyway.. Back to the drive..
Nite all, nite Sam

Thursday night – old sole

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Woke today to an empty tank of gas.. .. automotively and personally. Step 1 was to get gas in the car.. I coasted into the gas station just as the (very accurate) gas gauge dripped to zero…

I gassed up the car.. and then set about thinking about how to do the same to myself …..  I’m still thinking.. I need to to get back to the place of coming from love and fun.. it’s tough to do that now.. I tool several moments through the day to stop and breathe and stare out my window at work..

I did one thing today to restore my soul.. (pun.. sorry). I ran out in what would have been my lunch break and bought a new pair of shoes.   I go through them so fast.. just like cameras.. I want to find some way to honor this old pair of shoes.. their not much more than 6 months old, but they are beat.. I bought these in July when I was going to eat dinner with Al Gore in Las Vegas. .. .. Since then, these shoes have been in eight countires, h. have served as snowshoes, slippers, bathing sandals. I should be a spokesman for Rockport…

What should I do wit these old guys  ? Any suggestions..  What to do with an old soul..

OK.. I gotta go..

gnite all. gnite sam


ps. Welcome back  Airman Cafferky !