Very slow day.. guess I need that.. aside from running.. the only step I took outside was to go to freind Bess O’brien’s local showing of her latest movie. “Ask us who we are”. Bess also did the play “the Voices Project” (2005) and the movie “Shout it out” (2007) that Max was in. I really admire Bess for her unique way of using film to drive social change..

“Ask us who we are”. is a movie about foster care in Vermont… and it’s told from a number of perspectives.. first from the perspective of the kids themselves.. but also from the foster parents. the birth parents and the folks in the system.




some of the stories were heartbreaking.. others were funny.. some were both.

This is Jess.. she was at the showing.. and is a really together and amazing person now.. it was really powerful hearing her speak …. I got to talk to her for awhile after the show.. she was really inspiring.. I found out  that she’s also my freind Joyce’s niece..

Several of the kids in the film were actually there at the screening which was so powerful.. it was great speaking with them…


The film is showing tomorrow in Essex and next week in St J and Burlington. You can get info on the tour at the Kingdom County Website here:

At tonights screening I learned that te film is now being used in trainings for all the Dept of Family and Childerens Services new hires.. how cool is that ?


ok.. that’s it for the day..

nite all.. nite sam



ps. oh.. one more cool thing today.. .. remember last night I mentioned the ‘my3bys’ license plate I saw.. ? as I walked into the monitor barn tonight  i found the same car in the parking lot…. still not sure who’s it is..


Hi Friends…

Diane and I would like to recommend a beautiful documentary called “Ask Us Who We Are” about foster care in Vermont. It was made by our good friend Bess O’Brien who also  made “The Voices Project” that Max was a part of.

Diane saw ‘Ask us who we are’  and found it  both eye opening and heart opening.   The movie is touring the state now .. Here’s the schedule. Try to catch one of the showings. You’ll be glad that you did !