wonderfully slow day.. I’m rarely a full day away from work. I found it fun and unsettling. I would like to get more used to being away from work
In keeping with the slow theme.. Here are a few more of the slow motion videos that gabe took with the Edgertronics camera we borrowed. This thing is truly magical.. as is Gabe’s eye for it.

here’s Raya shaking her hair

… and gabe clapping

a match lighting

an incandescent bulb flickering

Gabe snapping his fingers

Water hitting a spoon

.. now with the spoon the other way

mixing clear and green water

Gabe putting his fingers through a stream of water

a dripping faucet

ok.. gotta sleep now. More tomorrow..
Remember we are marking the coming of spring and Sam’s birthday tomorrow with a 1pm climb up bolton mountain and a 5 PM potluck here. come if you can !

(note i’d incorrectly said the hike was 2PM.. it is 1pm !)

nite all, nite sam

It’s late thursday night.. it’s warm and windy out and I’m winding down for the week. Tomorrow is a work day.. but I’m hoping to take most of it off. Monday we will mark Sam’s 20th birthday. 20 is a big milestone for anyone.. for Sam.. and for us..this seems like it has special significance.. .Though I’m trying to figure out just how I feel about it.. As Diane would say.. i don’t need to think or figure out.. I just need to ‘be’ .. the day will come and pass just like all the other birthdays since Sam’s passing.. .. just like all the other days. Birthdays do reinforce the passing of time.. Birthdays bring lots of folks who check in on us on how were doing.. which is nice. I have to say that we’re all doing pretty well… not just ‘pretty well considering’.. but actually pretty well. we’re living overly busy and mostly very happy lives. Never as happy as when Sam was here with us.. but full lives nonetheless. There was a time where I felt a little bit that being happy somehow was not respectful of Sam’s memory. over the years.. that has completely reversed. I know that Sam would want us to be happy.. and I want to honor that.
These next few days will be tough.. but we’ll see many good friends.. we’ll share good memories of Sam.. we’ll toast him, we’ll make samstones.. we’ll make big fires.. When the weekend is past it will eb time to gear back uo. but for right now.. I just need to slow down…

all for now..

nite all, nite sam