it’s the ides of march.. the day made famous by Julius Caesar’s assasination.. While it was bad luck for him… the Ides of March (i’ve just read) was a celebration of Jupiter and several other less major deities that was “…  enthusiastically celebrated among the common people with picnics, drinking, and revelry. ”

I’m doing my part by drinking brandy in a Lufthansa lounge on my way to Warsaw poland.. .. I toast you Ceasar, Brutus, and all the other folks caught up on that fateful day in 44 BCE. .. I hope that you’ve worked out your Karmic issues over the years and are now fast friends..


I note that I’m traveling on a completely new and so far virginal passport .. No sign of the 60 or so countries I’ve visited in the last several years.. I’m a new man.. I think.. no history.. now thats refreshing..

well.. were boarding soon.. and i’m getting sleepy

et tu ?


nite all, nite sam



Today is Idus Marti… The ‘ides of march’ .. A day dedicated to mars , the roman god of war. Its the day when julius caesar was murdered in the roman senate in 44 b.c.e. he was stabbed 23 times. The story is that Caesar had been warned by a fortune teller to beware the ides of march. According at least to Shakespeare When Caesar saw the same fortune teller on this same afternoon 2057 years ago he remarked ” the ides of march have come” to which the fortune teller warned ” ay, Caesar but not gone”

I spent the day looking out for I’ll omens. I balanced my towels on the towel rack, I arranged the soaps in the hotel bathroom. I shined my shoes in the correct order . I walked around my car just in the proper way to ward off bad luck . I spoke the right incantations as I began ride home from ny. Even so, I knew that good juju can only help so much. I know full well that when bad is going to happen, bad is going to Happen. That goes the same for good… Or for average I suppose

Hey.. I just noticed the ides have indeed gone . I guess it’s safe to go to asleep now.. At least as safe as it ever is

Nite all, nite Sam

Happy ides of march….. And I gather by reading Wikipedia that the Ides of March used to be a festive day dedicated to the god Mars which was celebrated by military parades.   It got the bad rap it has today when Shakespeare pointed out that Julius Caesar  was assassinated on this day .  So far it’s been a good Ides of March for me.. but as the seer that Cesar saw on the way to the theater of Pompeii said.. “Ay, they have come, but they are not gone.”

I should also point out that yesterday was pi day.. I set my alarm for 3.14.15 Thursday is St. patricks day. It seems like we have a run of special days..

Let’s see what tomorrow brings..

nite.all, nite sam