I had a busy day, but managed to take time out to get a flu shot.. after getting poked I sat there and thought about how cool it was that there are few situations like this that you could opt in to prevent future pain and suffering.. it’s not a sure thing.. nothing is. but its about as close as you could come. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a vaccine against poverty.. or sadness.. or job loss..or loosing your keys. .
Hey.. you have to think of something while you’re waiting for them to see if you’re going to have an allergic reaction to the shot..

Not much else to report today.. and a great working lunch with friend Chris on VASE (Vt. Academy of Science and Engineering ) at a new Turkish place in Essex Junction. Istanbul Kebab House ., Check it out.. it was really good !

on the way back to work , I stopped by Scot’s house to borrow some nitric and sulfuric acid..

Gabe and I are going to do some nitration experiments…. chemicals are getting harder and harder to get thanks to shows like Breaking Bad.. .   …  now . does this look suspicious to you ?
(seriously.. No.. I would never do that)

ok.. gotta sleep..
nite all, nite sam

I managed to stay mostly upright for an entire day after being laid out flat with flu the entire weekend.. I am feeling better.. but not yet fine.. I feel kinda washed out.. not much energy.. not much strength.. but also not much fever. Poor Diane.. I must have kept her awake all night again last night.. teeth chattering and coughing.. .. She got up once and got me another blanket to put on top of the down comforter and blanket I was already wrapped in..

She’s a wonderful nurse.. She’s taken care of all of us as we’ve gone through this flu..me, gabe matt, ian, Britt.. we’ve all had it.. .. Last night as I lay down to go to sleep, I heard everyone’s distinct coughs.. Did you ever notice how folks coughs are as distinctive as their voices ? ..

I woke today feeling like I’d burned though the worst of it.. I’ve felt pretty good all day.. but now that it’s getting dark, I feel the chills coming back on..

I want my money back on that flu shot…

another thing.. My sense of time has been burned out by this bug.. I sat in the same chair and worked for 9 hours today and only got up once.. and I didn’t even notice.. I was late to several meetings.. and I just looked up and it was after 7.. I thin my internal clock has been cooked ..

nite all.. nite Sam