I’m using this page to collect links and info related to The Colony. The show I did for discovery channel. It was an amazing experience. I was locked in an abandoned warehouse for 58 days with 9 other folks.. It was both the hardest and most fun thing I’ve ever signed up to do.

While the storyline of the show was a rather far-fetched post apocalyptic survival scenario, the main content of the show was about innovation under constraint. Our job was to invent the things we needed to sustain ourselves using only the resources we could find in and around our warehouse home.

After doing the show, I heard from thousand  of kids about the science and engineering in the show..   I’ve used the experience as a basis for doing public speaking on the topics of innovation and sustainability..   here’s my Lessons from The Colony talk

I was also a consultant on the shows second season..

What an experience !

You can read more about the Colony here

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