Happy 19th birthday Gabriel Mariano Cohn.. I am so pleased, grateful and proud to be your dad !

19 years old.. hard to beleive.. but then again.. it’s not. I’ve really enjoyed watchign thsi kid mature into a fine man. He’s funny, smart, strong and quick.. and a really, really nice guy. So nice in fact, thathe went on a hike withcme and dine today.. We headed up preston pond trail up to libys lookout.. it was hot muggy and buggy.. but look at that smile anyway.. that’s Gabe !




we found about 7 places with pitcher plants on our hike.. which was pretty cool !


the trails were still wet..


the dogs were so hot that they jumped in whatever water they could find.


i was digging aroun in the backback we were carrying.. it was sams.. and I found this cool badge that they’d given Sam on his birthday when we spent it at Disney.. it was great finding it on Gabes birthday .


aroudn 7 gabe raya. diane and I headed out to Sushi Do for gabes birthday dinner.. Yummy sushi !


then home for presents and cake..




a really nice day.. for a really. really nice kid


Happy birthday my son.. I’m so proud of you..


nite all. nite sam



happy 18th birthday Gabe !.    I am very proud to be your dad. You are smart, funny. hard working,  warm, strong.. and a very good persona nd a  great friend to me. I am really enjoying watching you grow.   You are a real mensch. !..   I love sharing this planet with you .. and I love you so much !


We had a great extended birthday day.. We woke with the house full of… i was going to say kids.. but they’re now mostly adults.. . We fed them breakfast then they all headed off to other end of the school year things..

We took it easy around the house today pretty much unwinding from the part.. Around 4ish we all headed down town for a little shopping and then dinner at Single Pebble.. our family’s favorite.

IMG_0628 IMG_0630


dinner included  a chili pepper challenge.. IMG_0632


After dinner we walked to battery park to watch the sunset.. IMG_0650 IMG_0652


We even brough a birthday cake.. Gabes favorite, chocolate mousse cake !IMG_0655 IMG_0663


it was a glorious afternoon. a great place to celibrate with a great group of kids.. IMG_0666 IMG_0669 IMG_0674 IMG_0678 IMG_0679 IMG_0682

Happy birthday my son.. you’re a good guy !. We love you so much !


-nite all, nite sam,



Happy brith day gabe.. 17 years old…amazing . You are such a great kid.. I’m so proud of you…I love the way you brain works..I love your smile.. It’s really wonderful hanging out with you. I’m so glad you’re my son… ,

















We just had birthday cake at 11:30 at night..now that’s a fun birthday.. We love you gabe !
Nite all, nite Sam