Today’s the day we mark when sam did his ultimate act of kindness. He donated four of his organ and saved 4 other peoples lives.   You can honor Sam’s memory by telling your loved ones how you feel about organ donation. thats the most important thing you can do so they know your wishes



We were surrounded by love and support today.. many friends showed up and freinds and family checked in from all over. We appreciate the support even after 8 long years !

First to show up were morgan, phil and james.. expecting their 2nd baby as of yesterday.. they stopped by on their way to eat spicy Thai food in the hopes that would get things going !


At 1 we met friends at Bolton parkign lot for our traditional Sam day walk up bolton. we had between 6 and 12 inches of snow up there.. it was a beautiful day.


we all gathered for a redbull toast to sam at the top.. and I passed around some of my homemade moonshine..



gabe and I ten climbed the icy fire tower to launch a mortar off the top as we have every other year for sam.. Nothing like being on a shaky 8×8 foot piece of ice with a live munition to make you appreciate life !



Then we headed back to the house for a pot luck. lots of good friends showed up

we had another redbull toast for sam

and then a proper birthday celebration for Kevin !. Happy 23rd man !


then we settled in to make samstones.

here’s ari demonstrating the technique 🙂





I did manage to slip out for a few minutes and test my new ruebens tube, it’s a tube filled with propane on one end and music on the other.. pretty good for a first test (after a near disaster 🙂


ok..sam.. thats another year.. we all love you and miss you…
more frome earth tomorrow

nite all, nite sam


It’s thanksgiving day.. . .. it’s also the day that Sam gave four of his organs to save 4 people’s lives. If, g-d forbid, it ever happens that you are in a position to be an organ donor, the most important factor in making that gift is that your loved ones know your wishes. There’s no better way than to pass on the love than to tell you family how you feel about organ donation. Please have that conversation with your loved ones now.. do it in honor of Sam and all the millions of folks who have given the ultimate gift.

That what was on my mind today….  Of course it was also thanksgiving.. i have much to be thankful for.. i love my family and friends.. and where I live.. and  i enjoy my work.. I am grateful for what I have and what I’ve had.. . and I say that in the middle of recognizing sams passing..  I hope that everyone reading this has a chance ot reflect on their own blessings..  we are all lucky to be alive and thinking.

I managed to dodge out of helping with the prep for thanksgiving because I volunteered to go fetch Hannah, Matt and Olivier from Montreal.. I got up there in time to have a nice long lunch with my buddy George..

his office has a great view of the city..

I picked up hannah, matt and oliver around 5L30 and we headed back to vermont.. traffic was bad so it took us 2 and a half hours.. we spent the time going through matts iphone songs trying to spell things with the first name of the artist.. In ‘THANKSGIVING DINNER”.. we listened to  glitch mob Taylor swift, nirvana , Edith Piaf, notorious B>I>G ,  gypsy kings, swollen members, daftpunk, iron maiden, etc.. We got back in tme for an ad0hoc celebration of kevin’s 21st bbirthday.. most of the gifts involved alcohol.. what kind of example are we setting ?


we had more than 20 friends over for thanksgiving.. once again the house was filled with warmth.. felt good.. for the2nd time in so many days.

man.. am i exhausted.. taking vacation is harder than working.. gotta get some sleep

more tomorrow..


nite all, nite sam


Today marks the third day of marking Sam’s death. Today is the day Sam saved four other lives by becoming an organ donor. His heart, liver, kidney and kidney pancreas pair made our saddest day a day of new life for those other folks.

It was an easy decision for us to make on the hardest day of our lives. We new Sam’s generous spirit would be grateful for the chance to  help others. The process was as fascinating as it was sad.. As soon as we made the decision to move  to donation, the staff at the hospital began the difficult task of matching Sam’s strong organs with the folks who needed them. On the afternoon of the 22nd..  four surgical team stood by to receive sam’s organs as e said our last good bye to him.. To this day I can’t go to that moment wihtout breaking down..

like now…

THrough an amazing set of circumstances around our work on the Discovery show The Colony.  we got a chance to meet Bob , the guy who received one of Sam’s kidneys.. we even got to go to his wedding  You can read about us meting Bob here

and about this wedding here.

We also heard from Jessica, She was a transplant nurse on her first day of work when she assisted with Sam’s donation.. she also found us by watching The Colony

I still remember the skill and compassion of the transplant staff at the hospital in Tampa.. What a hard and amazing job.. .  .. Our dear friend Alison (also from The Colony)    just yesterday started a new career as a Transplant Coordinator in San Diego .. What guts and skill and heart that takes.. (We love you Alison !)


Then.. of course .. there was our close friend Dylan.. Sam’s good friend.. who stepped in as a friend and mentor to Gabe when Sam died. Dylan died last April.. and he two saved four people with the donation of his strong organs.. Going through that same hard path again with Dylan and his family was almost too much to bear. So familiar and just unimaginably painful.

Through these experiences, I’ve learned more than I ever hoped to know about organ donation. There will never be enough organs for all the people who need them.. the vagaries of supply, the  difficulty of tissue matching. The most important thing I learned was the importance of ‘the conversation’.  Many potential donations do not happen because the family does not know the donors wishes..

So.. that brings me to ‘the ask’,, You can do something for me.. for Sam.. and for Dylan… Right now..    Please turn to your family and let them know how you feel about organ donation. G-d willing it never comes up in your life.. but on the remote chance it does.. they will know..  We completely understand that some folks personal preference or religious beliefs don’t support donation.. that’s fine too.. just let your loved ones know… (If you have a  moment.. you can even register your intentions at donatelife)

Thanks for doing that ..


We love you Sam.. and Dylan  thanks for all you’ve done in the world..

nite all, nite sam