I’m at my folks house in Sherborn Ma.. i’m trying to get down here more often to spend time with them. .. Even though its getting harder for my dad to remember things.. he has a great memory for pictures. we spent some time together today goign through a bunch of old picture books. it was really great seeing some of these things.. they brought back all sorts of memories, happy and sad.. for both of us..




Here’s a piece about my great great grandfather dying of rabies




me and pa


me and ma


my grandmother and crazy aunts ..


lots of pictures of sam… i don’t remember ever seeign this one


my dads grad school graduation in the mid 90′s


us in the caymans.. just before sam died.


thats my uncle bird behind my dad


i remember making this holiday card when the kids were little



ahhh. that patz physiqe (and hair style)..    here’s a great argument for genetics.


another good shot of sam..    this book had more of him than the other boys.. which is pretty strange..



my grandfather max.. whom i never met.


my sisters birth announcement



my mom circa 1936



my grandfathers birth announcement (from Nicaragua)


my grandfather at 25..



my great grandfathers funeral announcement. .. i’v eseen where he’s burried..


a love letter from y grnadfather to my grandmother.  


ok.. my memories are overflowing.. time to integrate..

more tomorrow

nite all, nite sam



Greetings from Boston.. I’m here at my folks. I’ve come down to see them and (hopefully) watch the First Robotics championship tomorrow.. We’ll have to see about that. I just spent a really nice evening hanging out with Ma and Pa.. sitting around talking about all the things we remember from our past.. and all the things we don’t..

It was a pretty lazy evening.. I caught this picture of them… they seem pretty happy….

OK.. now to sleep.. ore tomorrow..
nite all- nite sam

Dang.. just realized that my camera with the days pics is hidden somewhere up in our room.. and diane is asleep. I’ve just finished a couple of hours of home work.. and before that about 4 hours of painting.   We’re still in the process of painting the bell tower (aka my office). It was wonderfully mindless work.. i you call balancing on a small platform  of wood 12 feet in the air mindless.  But it was just what I needed to process the rest of last week and this weekend.   My folks were up here which was fun..  It was a very good visit.. we ate and drank and did quite a bit of nothing.. which is a treat   We do a lot of reminiscing  these days.. Old memories, new memories.. some that have gotten away. It’s very interesting hanging out with the only folks that have known  you longer than you’ve known yourself.   I always learn a little more about them and about myself every time I’m with them these days. .we spend much of our time repeating our stories to each other.. many family favorites, some from when I was little.. some from when they were little.. some which never happened..

Your parents define you in many way.. what you are and what you’re not.. what you will become.. all in all it’s comforting..


I love you ma and pa


nite all, nite sam


Greetings from Sherborn.. I’m down visiting my Folks for a few days and giving a couple of talks at BUI tried blogging last night, but managed to loose my wireless connection before I was able to annotate these pictures..

I spent an hour going through old papers with my dad.. He’s collected a ton of stuff through his life tracking some of the stuff he’s done. One of the things he’s done over the years.. One cool thing we looked at was his ’7 for Safety’ series.. A set of 7 safety promotion movies he made in the early 1960′s as a  volunteer contribution for the US Department of Public Safety.  I remember seeing them as a kid.

THe series was narratoed by Raymond Burr.. TV’s Perry Mason !

THe first was a mock trial  on ‘the people vs. accidents’ where Burr.. as Mason, put accidents on trial ..

I gotta find a copy of that ..  The second was on seat belts.. which were not standard equipment for cars at that time..

THe third was on pedestrian safey..  (sadly prophetic….. not sure what to say here)

the forth was on safety steps ?

the next was on fire safety.. there were several letters in the stack from a fire marshal in the mid west that credited this movie with saving the life of three young girls.. Their house was burning,.. and because of seeing the movie, they new not to open a door who’s doorknob was hot.. It was so cool to see that letter !

the next was on falls

then there was one on water safety

One other thing we found was my grandfathers birth certificate.. in Spanish.. from his birth i Bluefields Nicaraagua..
Very cool

and of course.. there’s lots of stuff here on Sam..

ok.. gotta run.. I love seeing this stuff..

nite folks, nite sam