Max’s in NYC tonight with his friends Mason. Scot and Carl.. Gabe’s at a party.. Diane and I are choosing to have a quiet evening at home… A Sam night.   We need to spend some quiet time with him.
       I’ve had an off-color day…   not in an offensive sense, really.. but everything I’ve been thinking or saying today has come out sounding wrong.  I attribute it all to having started the day with the wrong color underwear.   You laugh.. but I think that was it.     I’ve been grouchy, uncharitable and distracted with people all day for no particular reason.  It took me until about 4PM  to figure out what was behind it (beside the underwear I mean)  I realized this afternoon that there was a growing gap between my intention not to sweat the small stuff … and what was going on in my head.
    A great afternoon snowshoe with Diane and our friends Lou and Kathy (and a different color of underwear) have got me back on track this evening.. I’m sitting here listening to the Prairie Home Companion Joke Show.. which is dramatically improving my world view:

what do you call the person who graduates last in his/her class at med school ?  Doctor !”..

“What do you call a large white bear that is happy one minute and sad the next .. a bipolar bear” ..

“Three chords, C, Em and G, walked into a bar one evening. The bartender said “We don’t serve minors, here”, so Em left and C and G had a fifth between them.” 

“knock knock ..  who’s there ? ..  Minnesota  ..   Minnesota  who…? ..
‘m in a soota’ bad mood” …

 Jokes aside.. I’m thinking tonight how I’m going to resist this return to the old whirlwind of my life I was living before Sam died. and stay in the moment.    Sam was such  a great role model of being in the moment. I heard a great Sam story about that today.. Our friend Deb told Diane about an image of Sam she has from a snowboard competition last year..  I think they were at Sugarbush.. They’d been competing all day when the weather changed. A hail/rain storm came out of nowhere.. As everyone ran for cover…. Sam ripped off his shirt and ran out on the slope and raised his arms to soak up the rain … it was like he was saying ‘bring it on’.. Deb said in a few minutes, a bunch of other kids came out and did the same thing.. If I have my story straight.. I just heard that Sam’s friends Sumner and Ralph got 2nd and 3rd in that same competition this morning!

   Gotta go think about dinner now. I’ll  keep to the color theme and  leave you all with a picture that our friend Becky sent of the beautifull rainbow that appeared over our house a couple of weeks before Christmas.   Thanks for sending it Sam..



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