Nice early summer day. Chai Scott and I went for a very hot and muggy run this morning. It was fn running with Scott. I had to keep him talking so he didn’t run too fast or me. We had a great conversation about ‘Kids Today’.. we were talking about the large number of 17-20 year old males that we know who are not interested in doing the whole   study-hard-
so-that-you-can-work-your-butt-off-your entire-life-

thing.  Scott had some good thinking about why.. and I was talking about why grown-ups can’t understand it.   One of the big lessons I’ve learned from Sam.. both before and since his death… is that some of us overly driven grown-ups would be doing ourselves a big service to learn a little of that neo-slackerism.  We got to a point in the conversation where we started talking about a book about this topic with perspectives from both young and old folks… It sounds like a fun project.. put it on the infinite  maybe do list..

   We got back from the run just in time to leave for Gabe’s Lacross game.. our friends Chris and Casey came with us. The game was in Shelbourne at the newish rec fields. Gabe had a good day out there.. until the heat started  getting to the kids. It really felt like mid –summer.. I don’t function well myself over 65 degrees.

Gabe giving chase



Me napping

Our new friend Christina..

   After three games we came back, grabbed a bite in Hinesburg (Kovals Deli, Yum !) .. It was a little overcast when we left Hinesburg, but as we got closer to Richmond the temperature started to drop.. by the time we got home the temperature had dropped 16 degrees !.. It had obviously rained a ton . I later heard it had hailed too ! When we got home we saw that a large part of our neighbor’s tree had come down..

A bunch of us helped to clear the tree out of the road.  


There must have been a huge blast of wind.. the grass in the field opposite the tree had all been flattened. It was amazing !.   

As we were clearing that tree we learned that our friends Gale and Dave had also lost a tree that had fallen on both of there cars !..

By the time we all got there, they’d gotten the tree off.. but their cars were a mess. It is very cool to live in a community where neighbors   help each other…


    After that adventure, Max and I headed up to the Voices project fund raiser at the Jericho Community Center.. there were about 20 folks up there.. and some great music.

Max, Mason and Rusty did a funny rap routine unrehearsed.. it was a hoot..

    Right now it’s 11:30PM and thee are about 12 of Max, Sam and Gabe’s friends over here  for swimming and music. . and Diane is just about to pull a fresh baked cake out of the oven.. so I’m going to go nab some of it.. I’ll save you a piece, Sam .. Gnite !


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