Oy… a suprisingly tough day for no particular reason. Sometimes a saddness just sweeps over me and I’m almost paralyzed. I know I just need to be with it.. that it will pass.. I know it’s just part of the greiving process… but.. it still sucks.  

While I was trying to find something to read to help me shake this mood.. I stumbled across this animated poetry by lily Collins.  I like reading his stuff sometimes when I’m blue. Evidently he must have asked folks to animate some of his works.. There are a bunch of them on YouTube.. like this one

Or this one

Or this one

I find these things pretty cool… because it’s using animatied YouTube clips to promote poetry. in much the same way that I’d like to  use short animated sequences to promote science..   Maybe I should get going on that…

What do you think Sam ?

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