Ok.. the title’s a pun.. we’re doing fine. What I mean is..Diane and I have been putting up crown molding in the living room but we’re using these nifty pre-mitred corners.. and you don’t have to use a coping saw to get the corners to mate.  It’s saving aus a bundle of time. The funny thing is we just decided to start this project at about 7:30 tonight.. Gabe decided to go over to Ian’s… so Diane and I had another night to ourselves.. We did what any couple in love might do.. we went to the hardware store… (and ran into our neighbors who were also on a hardware date 🙂
We baugt about 140 linear feet of molding .. and without really knowing what we were doing, we spent abou 3 hours and got about a third of it up..  We stuck soem SamStones behind it for good measure. So far, it looks great !  The catch is.. it’s now getting close to 1:30 and I’m too beat to uplad the pictures.. so that will have to wait for tomorrow…
   The only other thing of interest I did today was work with Sara G.  one of the artists on Project-X.. diane and I picked up the giant pumpkin head that she and Becca had build. I spent about four hours figureing out how to marry the jawbone they’de made to the servo structure we’d built.. By the end of the day I had the creaure tallkign pretty convincingly … and his eyes sparkling eerilie.. He’s goign to be wondrefully creepy..
   Anyway.. sorry for now pictures.. more on both projects tomorrow.. For now.. good nite and good dreams.. Nite Sam

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