Today marks a milestone of sorts for me. I’d promised myself that I’d blog every day for the year following Sam’s passing.. When that first year was up I thought about stopping… but something compelled me to keep at it.. I told myself ‘one more year’.. Now that date has come and gone.. now what ? Should I keep at it ? .. or quit.. or something in-between ? Every other day ? … just when I have something to say.. ? When would that be ?¬†

Whoa… I’m blogging about blogging….

Well.. today would be one of those examples when it’s a stretch to write … Absolutely nothing happened today… really.. nothing. …. and it’s nice. My goal for this break is to get myself so bored that inspiration¬† strikes me . … and so far.. no inspiration.

One cool thing to report. though.. Ben, Duane, Homer, Mitch, Eben and I have been brainstomring about an art car for Burning Man….. We have an interesting concept brewing: it’s a 20 foot ferris wheel with couches for seats whihc would be pulled behind a large tractor. I told brother Billy about it and he came up with the following very amazing simulations of the idea… Tell me what you guys think ? Would you get on ?



OK.. that’s all I have for now… here’s wishing for inspiration…
Nite folks.. nite Sam

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