Just about to take a nap before driving Max back to NYC. I figure I’ll blog now so I don’t have to do it when we get to the city.

Another peaceful day.. about the only thing that’s appened of note was freind Abbot’s Eagle Scout induction.

I was honored because he asked me to say a few words during the ceremony. I put my thoughts into my ‘Palm Pilot’ right before the event… 🙂

It was great seeing the three Racht-Cambell boys up on the stage.. Mason got his Eagle right after Sam died.. Owen is just finishing his up.. They’re really good kids. We always had the three boys parallel going….

There were lots of speeches about Abbot..  Including onse from Mother  Heidi and Grandfather Willis

Abbot’s freind even gave him a bagpipe salute at the end…   It wasa nice ceremony..  

Abbot’s such a great kid.. original, creative and true to himself.. I
don’t know what he’ll end up doing in the world.. but it’s going to be
fun to watch him grow !

We’ll that’s it so far for today.. I have a few leftover pictures from yesterday and the days before.. Yesterday hd a few treats that I was too sleepy to write about last night. First was a nice visit by Gina and her brother Kevin who was in visiting from Boston. We always have such interesting conversations when they’re here. I love toalkign to those guys !.. They brought us a plant and a card becasue they were thinking about Sam.

Diane, Max, Gabe and I met up at Sikuras for sushi lunch.We ran into Sessi and her friend Nadia from College there.. it was fun seeing them again.. Nadia is from Mumbai and is studying with Jess in platsburgh.. what a culture shift !!!!!!

It was great being together as a family ..

Then I came home and puttered in the lab all night.. I am trying to reverese engineer soem cool comutper driven lights I found in china.. the only documentation I can find is in Mandarin.. so it’s just me and the ossciliscope.. I just love working in there… but look at the mess I made ! 

Well that’s about it.. we’ve got to take off pretty soon.  Talk to you from the road !  Nite folks, nite Sam !

PS.  here are some pictures of the gingerbread men we all made and decorated at Brit’s goign away party the other night…

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