Two simple themes tonight.. rainbows and ice cream.. two substories to each.

First I got the following picture from friend Haleigh . Here dad had a samstone on his dashboard. She happened to get a shot with the stone reflected in a new rainbow.

Then later in the day I was at Gabe’s soccer game waiting to go home when I saw this rainbow in the sky.. the second in the  day.. pretty lucky.. no ?

And now two ice cream stories.. remmeber last night when I wen went to Ben’s and made icecream for the party goers there ? Well.. it had been a nice small crew there.. so I didn’t even use up a gallon of the yummy milk/cream/chocolate mixture Diane had made up to freeze.   At the end of the night I still had 2 gallons of the stuff.. and I couldn’t just throw them away. ..
   So…. today i took a short break at lunch to make a gallons worth of ice cream in the Work cafeteria.. I did it as a surprise.. so I didn’t have to ask 14 folks for permission.. It was yummy !  I was able to hand out ice cream to everyone in the cafeteria at that point in the day…     Even so.. I could only use up half of my supplies.

So.. after yoga, I went back into town to meet up with some friends from work who are here at a workshop. We met at American Flatbread.. then we headed out to make icecream. Ironically, the closest place was the parking lot that once was the site of the original Ben and Jerry’s.. With some of my buddies help we froze the remaining gallon of cream mix and either ate.. or handed it out.. It was a GREAT scene.. Folks were really appreciative .

Yum @.. almost ready !

We even ran into some strangers who recognized me from The Colony. It was great talking to them !

OK.. I can’t keep my eyes open any more.. the rest will have to wait till morning. gnite for now everyone.. Gnite Sam

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