Peaceful, peaceful day.. yesterday’s celebration of Sam’s life was wonderful and exhausting.. . It was a bright and sunny day and my heart felt light and grateful.
It was perfect day  to sit around and do nothing.

Three years ago Sam s became an organ donor.  I can still remember the mix of sadness, , grief, joy and pride that Sam’s last act in this life was to save four other people.

We knew what Sam would want.. the decision was ‘easy’ for us when we were asked about donation..  I was surprised that the decision to donate is not always so clear for folks. One of he main barrier to organ donation is loved ones not knowing  what the donor would have wanted. That conversation  letting your relatives know what you would want to do if your life could not be saved is the most important part of donation.. it’s even more important than signing the donation line on your drivers license as next of kin wishes take precedence.

so.. If you’ve never told your loved ones how you feel about organ donation. please take a second.. right now..   give them a hug and have a short discussion about it. It’s a hard conversation I know. and G-d willing it will never matter.. but.. if it ever does come up for your family, like it did for ours.. you will know that you’ve done the most important thing in passing on life

I’m proud of my son’s donation.. you can honor Sam’s memory by letting your own intentions be known.. Thanks so much..

We love you Sam
nite folks !


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