So, I woke up this morning in the middle of the weirdest dream.. I was naked in the Winooski river with my laptop and it was the middle of winter. There was a ton of snow and ice, but for some reason, the river was still flowing.. and it was flowing backwards.. back towards waterbury.   I was trying to work on my laptop on something (I think it was htis cursed engineering rap project).. but otherwise enjoying the whole naked-in-the-almost-frozen-river-flowing-backwards thing. I was happily surprised that my crappy lenovo laptop did such a good job under water.  For some reason I was trying to get to Stowe for a meeting (I actually do have a meeting in Stowe this Thursday).. I somehow missed Stowe completel because (duh) the river goes no where near it. I ended up at a noce hotel in Montpelieor instead. They didn’t mind me being naked and covered with ice, but they were really upset that I didn’t have any money to use their phone.. or call a cab..

And then I woke up… 

I tried to go back to sleep to find out where I was trying to go and why.. and what I’d planned to do without my clothes. and why the river was flowing backwards.. . but no luck..

So.. awhat does this mean ? any dream interpretters out there ?

Ah.. speakign of dreams, sometimes they really do come true !. I think I mentioned here that one day on the set, all the folks on the Colony were talking about why they did the show and what they were hoping to get out of it.. We all had our reasons.. Mine was to promote engineering and science to kids.. which I think has worked out pretty well.. Mike Wanted to use the show to help him get his own show, Joey wanted to show his family how much he enjoyed workign with his hands, Vlad wanted to show his grandson how to survive… But the story that stuck with me the most was Johnny V’s.. His only wish was to be the Parade Marshal in the West Covina Christmas Parade..  

See, Dreams do come true !

… and guess what… This sSaturday John V will be the cleibrity marshal in the Covina christmas parade.. If you’re out in LA.. the festivities start at 6:30.. Get there early, they’re expecting a big crowd. If you cant make the parade, visit Johnny V on Facebook and tell him to break a leg…

OK.. all for now.. I gotta go work on this stupid movie. Nite all, Nite Sam

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