I gathered from some of my friends Facebook posts that yesterday was Pongal .. a harvest festival celebrated in India.. It’s a time where you are supposed to “rise above petty preoccupation and mundane melancholy”.. not a bad sentiment  !..   I celebrated by eating some of Diane’s Chole.. She’s an awesome Indian cook.  I used is as an excuse to dip into my huge collection of Indian pickle.. (makes my mouth water even typing that !)

Including 5 different bottles of chili pickle.. some of them 3 years past date.. the BEST KIND !

Aside from eating weirdly preserved vegetables, I had a slow and peaceful day.. Diane and I took a great snowshoe  wiht the dogs in the 18 inches of snow out in the woods.   I spent  most of the rest of the day working on my tesla coil .. Still got a few bugs.. but seems to be working .. I’m now working on the music interface.. Here’s a half power demo at various frequencies.. .. the sparks are just over 2 feet.. I hope to tune it to get another foot or so..   Sorry the video is so shaky.. I was twisting knobs and trying not to get zapped.. It looks better than it feels.. 🙂

OK.. all for now.. gotta sleep.

Nite all, nite sam


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