Tomorrow is Connor M’s memorial service. It’s been hard this week watching our community try to get their heads around the unthinkable …. . I was out of town all week . but I was able to watch folks integrating Connor’s death on Facebook… it reminded me how important and helpful  I found social networking to be when Sam died.. Back then it was Myspace. Talkign to everyone on myspace is what inspired me to start this blog. .. I still have a record of everythign folks wrote.. I still have sam’s myspace page.. folks still post on it occasionally.. and they even send Sam messages there, still. I see them come in.. but I never read them.. I still view them as private.

Here’s a memorial site that someone set up for Connor.. Kids are using it to share their feelings .. and comfort one another..

I’ve noticed that as a sign of support,  tons of kids at MMU have changed their FB profile picture to the purple rose picture from this site..

I even saw how the event got people thinking about us.. Here’s a hit profile of the night I blogged about Connor’s death.. 

I know it might sound strange to be thinking about this stuff now., but .. I’m really grateful that the community has a resource like Facebook to use in a time like this.  I wonder if the creaters ever thoguht their software could help people so much in tough times ?

nite all, nite Sam.. just checked your site


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