Greetings from Rochester Vermont.. A town I used to visit often.. but one I haven’t visited in about 5 years.

I left Mary and John’s house about 6L15 this morning.. and only got there about 10 PM last night.. Their kids were all in bed .. I had to look at them as they slept.  I was sadly that I hadn’t worked out a way to spend more time with everyone.. I did have a great time talking with John and Mary until way too late at night..

The drive down from MPLS to Rochester was pretty easy..  I got to the IBM site about 8. I spent the day doing talks and roundtables among lots of old friends.. It was both  scary and comforting to have to present in front of all these familiar faces.. Some of these folks are the first group of people I worked with back in 1981.. While we all have changed externally.. internally I feel the same strong bond to these folks that I had nearly 3 decades before.. I still even remember some of their phone numbers !

It was a really energizing day.. I saw so much energy and innovation.. Much more than I’ve seen anywhere for a very long time. I think the good folks in Rochester have a great balance between ego and ability..  They’re so damn smart.. and so damn nice that they’re close to teh perfect set of collaborators

After work we all headed to Whistle Binkey’s .. a bar I’ve been coming to for years. It was a great time to catch up with lots of old friends.. I never have enough time to catch up with folks enough on these short visits.. .. Even so.. It’s so nice to get to see them.

Now I’m at feibd Karen ad Jeffs.. strugglign to stay awake to write.. I better sign off here before I stop makign sense..

too late !

nite all, nite sam


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  1. Karen Snyder says:

    darling…You were in Rochester, Minnesota,,,not Rochester Vermont.
    It was wonderful to see you. Please always remember that you and your family are very dear to us and always will be. I hope that in the future our paths will cross more frequently.

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