I walked out of work today at 6PM and almost melted.. the car thermometer said 89.. 89 !.. That would normally be one of our hottest summer days.. and it’s still only June 1. I am such a wimp when it comes to heat. I’m not comfortable when it’s over 70..   At 80 I wilt  at 90 I’m incapacitated.. how in the world did I ever live in Houston ? !

The car air conditioning has been out for several years.. it’s not something we normally need.. I got home.. the house was in the 80’s inside .. no escape..  Outside things were a little better because there was a breeze.. albeit a hot breeze..

We took advantage of the nice night to mess around with this hige ball that Max gave Gabe.. it’s inflatable and you get inside it.. We tossed it on the tramp and took turns getting inside.. A great way to forget your troubles.

I looked up and saw into Sam’s room.. I could see the spiral he drew on his ceiling right before he died.. In some cultures a spiral is a door to another world.


ok.. time for bed..

Now it’s down to 70 inside and outside.. and it’s only going to get up into the 50’s tomorrow.. now that’s my kind of weather-

nite all, nite sam


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