Greetings from Albany NY. Gabe and I are down here for a summer Lacrosse tournement.. We came down after work with our friends the Moscas.. uneventful drive.. we did stop to show our friends the Time Cycle . It was good to see it’s rusting hulk again.. I’d really like to get it running again.

The hotel we’re staying in is absolutely fulll of lacrosse kids.. they’re not hard to spot.. they’re the ones that carry around their lacrosse sticks everywhere they go.. in the hotel lobby. in the restaurant. Elizabeth pointed out ow strange that was.. folks would think it really odd if Hockey folks brought in their sticks.. and folks would be positively scared if baseball kids were always swinging bats inside.

I’m going running with Bucky at 6L30 tomorrow morning.. so I’ll sign off here..
More from the games tomorrow..
nite all, nite sam

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