OMG.. it’s hot..sticky, stinking hot..  ,my car thermometer said 91 when I came out of work. It’s cooler here out in the sticks.. but still too hot to move. I have said in the blog in years past that I think my IQ drops for every degree past 65 F. that would put me way in negative territory  about now..when the mercury.. or now.. more likely thermocouple creeps up into the 70’s I get in touch with my inner iguana.. I flatten myself on a rock .. limit my movement and drop into low gear thoguht -wise//.

I take off all the clothes that modesty will allow.. I go barefoot at work.  I start browsing sites for real estate north of the arctic circle.. .

You might ask.. How can a boy who was raised in the sauna that is Houston TX wilt in a 75 degree day ? I wish I could say.. all i know is that my blood has thickened to a sludgy, salty soup this afternoon .. I’m grumpy, i’m sticky… and thinking longingly  about shoveling snow…

keep cool

nite folks, nite sam



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