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Monday afternoon – Gracias, Mexico !

Greetings from the Mexico City airport.. I’m still here because Aerolineas Argentinas decided to ‘delay’ my flight until tomorrow. Hence I baught a new ticket to Argentina by way of Panama City.. I’m boarding that flight in a few minutes.. The delay did allow me to get in a full day of work back at my hotel and here at the airport.. so there’s almost always a silver lining never a dull moment…
I do want to take one more moment to thank the people of Mexico for beign such good hosts to us both while working and playing. This plac has true heart.. the folks here are passionate, friendly and fun…the countryside is gorgeous and varied.. and the food is wonderful. I’m so impressed with the level of technical know how I encountered.. I know this place is going to be growing in high tech lover the next couple of decades.. It will be fun watching that happen

So Gracias para todos Mexico.. !
nite all, nite sam

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