3 minutes ago I was about to start writing my blog for the night when Gabe said “Steve Jobs died”.. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. I asked him to repeat.. then I checked cnn and twitter..   This is one of those ‘where were you when you heard ‘ moments. I cant think of an other contemporary person who had as much impact on how we lived and enjoyed our lives. His genius shaped many of the things we do for fun these days.. computers, phones, music , movies. .. he even changed that way we think of companies His company was an extension of himself.. stylish , iconoclastic, quirky and cool.. always cool. you felt like you were cool just owning the stuff that Apple designed.  Under his leadership, Apple demonstrated that the ‘innovators dilemma’.. the myth that big companies can’t innovate was just that.. just a myth.. In doing that he made many other companies rethink what they were doing.. it’s certainly done that for us in Big Blue. He recognized the power of Design .. with a capital ‘D’ .  as the major difference between making somethign that’s good and soemthing that’s great. Think about it,  there’s nothing really special about the components that go into an iphone or ipad.. .. it’s the design of the experience.. that makes them special..

What I honor Steve Jobs most for though was that he put a human face on invention and inventors.. though he never claimed to be an engineer.. he was one.. one of the finest.  in fact he is/was probably the most recognizable face of engineering in the industry.  Think about hw many kids.. .. and adults he inspired through that..


he certainly inspired me.

nite all, note sam


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