I’m not sure why. but I’ve been incredibly distracted the last couple of days. .. I’m not overly busy or overly stressed… or sleep deprived… just kind of spacey. For example I couldn’t find my keys o phone headset this morning..Consequently I had to squat in someone else s office, since I couldn’t unlock my own.  I managed  to run in to Higher Ground to see my freind  L.. when I came out I realized that not only had I left my car unlocked, but I’d left it running !(easier to do than it sounds in a Prius) .. …

But.. the big sign that I wasn’t very mindful this week came when I headed out from home this morning. I was running a bit late for an appointment, so I pulled on my shoes and ran out to the car.. I backed out of the driveway and headed down the street for about a block before I noticed that things didn’t feel quite right. I looked down and realized that I’d pulled on one of my shoes.. and one of gabes…




Oy..funny I know.. but . now that’s distracted.. !

OK.. maybe it is sleep deprivation. I can’t keep my eyes open now…




ight all, night sam


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  1. Tom says:

    John–could be one half is the freedom of past days where sport shoes were the norm and the other half of the storm is the responsible man with his demands and productive identity in his shoe of corporate uniformity.
    though it could simply remind one of the movie “the man with one red shoe!”

    Struggling as well but it may just be the season.

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