Today’s theme was gratitude.. I didn’t choose that theme exactly.. it was put in my head by a really wonderful yoga/essential oils seminar that Diane and Marci did today in the yoga studio.. It was 2 hours of yoga and meditation on the concept of gratitude.. .. the idea of counting your blessings.. There’s even a symbol for grattitude


There’s evidently a whole movement around it (with even a curiousĀ  movie to introduce it ) , I guess. the idea is that if you reflect often and deeply on the good in you’re life, you’ll be a happier person.. Makes perfect sense … That message isn’t new.. but the timing is good for us. there seems to be quite a bit of emotional swirl in the world now.. there certainly is in our circle of the world.. friends, family, work.. all in transition.. even so.. we find our selves in a calm place.. This month brings lots of emotions .. Sam’s death date coming up always pulls us inward and quiets us.. somehow though.. we’re in a good place.. grateful for the things we do have in our life.. good friends.. health.. loving family .. all things I have great gratitude for ..

Time for bed..

nite all, nite sam

ps. Gabe won the Coach’s award for his JV soccer team at the team banquet tonight.. (yet another thing to be grateful for)

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