Wierd musing of the day.. I just started noticing how so many things are now prominently labeled as ‘gluten free’ .. now,. Im all for labeling to help folks make proper food choices.. I have quite a few freinds who have recently discovered that they are gluten intolerant.. but.. I still think it’s funny that some things like raspberries have to be labeled that way..
I suppose its like sodas that are labeled fat free… I guess you advertise the attributes that you can…

the irony is.. one of my favorite foods is actually braised gluten in a can… now if I could only find free gluten !

nite all, nite sam…

-me (gluten free)

2 Responses to “Wednesday night free gluten”

  1. George Faulkner says:

    My nit about it is that they often trumpet the call too loudly. One of my teens has celiac – diagnosed when he was about 6 – and he is in an awkward phase where he gets a bit embarrassed by the big pronouncements on the labels. Just a line below the ingredients would be fine for me, and, if I may, just put the cereal in the cereal aisle, the pasta in the pasta aisle, etc etc. we don’t need a special section in the store. I can’t stress how often I repeat going from one end of the store to the ‘healthfood’ section because I saw some item in aisle 5 that I need the gf version of. Drives me nuts.

  2. Kirk says:

    What is that last can of with the Viet writing?

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